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Traditionally, the chakras most directly related to flow of energy are the second and the fourth. The second chakra relates physically to the flow of blood and to the flowing energies of sexuality and creativity. The fourth chakra, associated with the heart, also has a connection to blood flow and to the flow of emotions.

However, in general the chakras relate to energy flow. They're found in the aura, an electromagnetic force field that surrounds every living being. Its energy is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these energies from the aura to the body and within the body.

When a chakra is blocked energetic blockages form. Many crystals have special relationships to clearing up these blockages. Citrine, a third chakra stone, helps to clear up limitations and blockages in the area of personal power, including the receiving of abundance in all forms; while rose quartz opens the heart chakra to flowing the energies of self-love.

Other crystals, while also having specialized functions, also are particularly helpful in releasing energy blockages and increasing energy flow. Some relate to individual chakras; others can be used on any chakra. In this article I describe some of the specialists and generalists.

Note: Some of the stones I describe are members of families. I've chosen specific examples for individual chakras. For example, all the calcites are valuable in releasing energy blockages, but I focus on green calcite, as related to the fourth chakra . See a list of articles on individual stones to learn about other family members.

black tourmaline

First Chakra:
Black Tourmaline

All tourmalines, in their natural state, have parallel ridges (or striations) running the length of the crystal. When heated a tourmaline crystal develops opposing electrical charges at opposite ends. This phenomenon illustrates the ability of this stone to conduct energy. (Other striated stones -- topazes, kunzite, danburite -- share this characteristic.)

The effect of this energy on us can be very powerful. Tourmaline can help to break up energy blockages which cause stress and confusion, and bring about calmness and clarity.

The particular role played by black tourmaline is to repel negative energy. This can refer both to external energies or inner emotions, such as anger, resentment, or jealousy. When we're in situations that feel negative and stressful, we may consciously resist the negative energy. Resistance generates a tension that in turn creates energy blockages. Instead, we can anticipate these situations, and carry or wear black tourmaline.


Second Chakra:

Because the second chakra, as I noted above, is related directly to energy flow, all of its stones -- ruby, ruby in zoisite, garnet, carnelian, red jasper -- will facilitate this. Of these crystals, though, ruby seems to get things moving the most quickly.

If you are experiencing inertia, boredom, or a general lack of passion, this crystal can help awaken passion for living, for experiencing, for creating. It can stimulate motivating energy and the power of creative visualization. It also helps people to be realistic and honest about their goals and intentions.

If you find its energies too strong, consider the more grounding crystal, ruby in zoisite.

golden topaz

Third Chakra:
Golden Topaz

All topazes help to balance energy between the extremes of stress and depression. With their ability to help dissolve energy blockages, they help us feel both calm and energized. Specifically, they are believed to relieve the energy blockage known as procrastination.

The radiant color of golden topaz heightens this quality. This crystal can raise energy flow to the level of inspiration. Thus, it has a direct relationship to personal success. Its spark lights our own inner fires until we radiate the energy of self-realization.

While all quartzes relate to dissolving energy blockages, the high energy charge of rutilated quartz is especially effective. In its relationship to the third chakra, it helps to release blockages due to low self-esteem or to the unbalanced use of personal power.


Solar Plexus:

The solar plexus is one of the primary areas for energy flow. In Japan it is called the hara and is considered to be the center of power. Because humans learn at an early age that if they don't breathe deeply they will feel less, they learn shallow breathing to reduce feeling painful emotions. This however, leads to a general reduction of sensation and feeling and energy blockages at the midpoint of the chakra system.

Rhodochrosite, especially when placed on this area, helps to dissolve these blockages. When used in combination with deliberately deep breathing, it restores balance and flow to the entire being.

pink calcite sphere

Fourth Chakra:
Green and
Pink Calcite

green calcite sphere

Habitual beliefs and ways of looking at the world and yourself can often limit energy flow. Say, for example, you get an idea for a new way to do something. Energy begins to flow to create that idea as a reality; then you say, "Oh, no, it's impossible," thus creating an energy blockage.

The calcites, which help to release limiting beliefs, thus help to release the blockages which result from these beliefs. Green calcite, a fourth-chakra color, helps to release emotional and mental rigidities. Pink calcite helps love to flow both within you and to others.

aquamarine crystal pendant

Fifth Chakra:

The name of this stone literally means sea water, and there is no more powerful symbol for the idea of flow. Aquamarine can help us attune to the deep, soothing rhythms of the sea and help remind us that in all life cycles, there is an ebb and a flow. Hold an aquamarine to remind yourself of this, and as you do, imagine the soothing sight and sounds of the sea.

amethyst pendant

Sixth Chakra:

Although amethyst doesn't embody the idea of flow quite as literally as some of the other crystals I've described in this article, it is very strongly associated with the idea of transition. Amethyst is the color of a beautiful twilight, representing the passage from day to night. This stone can remind us of the importance of sometimes detaching from our busy, outwardly focused lives and to go within and experience our own inner rhythms and flow. Because of this, it is considered one of the best crystals for meditation.

herkimer diamond

Seventh Chakra:
Herkimer Diamond,
Double-Terminated Quartz

These two forms of clear quartz have different relationships to the question of flow.

Because double-terminated crystals have points at each end, they are often used to balance energy. For example, they're placed between chakras to ease the flow between them. They are also valuable in dissolving the mental or emotional conflicts that can cause energy blockages. In a deeper sense, they symbolize the balance of spirit and matter and in this regard can help spirit flow more freely through our physical bodies.

Herkimer diamonds are high-energy quartz crystals that are especially helpful in clearing up energy blockages. While because they are clear, they have a special association with the seventh chakra, they can be placed on any chakra (as can all forms of clear quartz).

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