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In my counseling experience I've learned that one of the biggest issues people have is in the area of being grounded. Some people tell me they're earthbound; they can't seem to lift off to explore other dimensions. Others say they have wonderful visions, but experience difficulty in translating them into material terms.

The ability to be grounded is very important to people who want to develop their spirituality, explore the many dimensions of existence, and make their dreams come true in physical reality. The essence of grounding isn't a simple matter of being organized, functioning well in the mundane areas of life, or a question of how close one's feet are to the earth. To be grounded entails drawing on the energies of both tmaterial and the spiritual dimensions.

Two Case Studies

I am a double Sagittarius (with no earth in my chart) who arrived on earth well after the expected date. I've always been fond of exploring the worlds found in books and in my own imagination. I am at ease in realms of philosophy and spirituality, but I used to feel that the world of matter was truly mysterious. Mathematics was the horror of my school days; my checkbook was a disaster area. I have trouble figuring out how to put a new bag in the vacuum cleaner.

The material world was not only mysterious, but often irritating. I resented its demands, its interference with my ability to enjoy other dimensions. Like other ungrounded people I found that I had trouble giving form to my insights and imagination.

Joyce, a Capricorn, demonstrated her eagerness to reenter physical existence by being born prematurely. She was an eminently practical person, firmly rooted in the material plane. Her early ambition to become a lawyer demonstrated her interest in the rules and boundaries of behavior. She was good at the computer typesetting work she did and excellent at teaching its principles to others. She loved mathematics, and her checkbook was always balanced (it still is).

She used to believe that the earth plane was the only one around, and was both alarmed and resistant when she first began to experience others. She was afraid that it would take her away from the familiar world of self and physicality. And then who would pay the bills?

Roots in the Ground, Head in the Clouds

Our experiences as business partners taught us a lot about the value of blending earth and spirit. I have learned to take care of sales and keep track of inventory. Joyce has developed her creativity to recommend the most appropriate crystals, flower remedies, or other tools to customers and clients. Together we look at catalogs of new products and simultaneously determine whether these were practical investments and imagine them as part of the overall spirit of Beyond the Rainbow.

Working with crystals and flower remedies --these beings of earth which connect us with spirit -- help both of us to achieve a healing synthesis. Over the years we've learned to appreciate and incorporate the respective values of matter and spirit. Joyce has discovered that exploring other dimensions makes life on earth more magical. I've learned that resolving the practical matters of life provides fertile ground for my creative seeds.

Heaven on Earth

Life on the physical plane is full of richness when we recognize that it is one of many, that our bodies and physical existence itself are also our creations. On the physical level we draw in the energy of spirit, enjoy the earth experience, master the rules of physical reality and apply them to create our lives according to our desires and dreams.

Thus we experience ourselves as spiritual beings who have entered the earth plane for the purpose of experiencing its unique gifts. Then we find ourselves on higher ground.

Help for the Earthbound


Clear quartz helps us to recognize our true selves, the spirit which is often concealed beneath our physical disguise.

Amethyst, the stone which represents the transitional time of twilight, is valuable for helping us to blend our spiritual and physical selves, and benefits the earthbound by helping them to meditate.

Smoky quartz, though a grounding stone, is the lightest grounder, and often has the effect of uplifting earthy folk (especially when they are depressed.

Celestite is truly the crystal of the heavens. It reminds us that we can transcend the limits our minds create and draw on unlimited resources of Spirit.

Hawk's eye helps to give us an aerial perspective on our situation.


Among the Wild Earth Animal Essences, Hummingbird, known for its rapid flight and ability to fly in several directions, can help earth people to consider the joys of lightness.

Eagle, the essence of Spirit, helps us to trust in our own ability to soar beyond our earthly problems.

Butterfly is the essence of transformation, helping us to realize that our physical bodies are but the costumes we are wearing at the moment.

Oak (Bach) helps to relieve us of the burden of taking physical existence too seriously.

Iris (FES) helps us to draw on the spiritual source of creativity.

Essential Oils

Lavender is a calming and relaxing oil which also helps in meditation.

In general, all oils derived from flowers and fruits (orange, lime, lemon, jasmine, rose) have an elevating effect.

For Cloud Dwellers


All of the grounding stones: hematite, black tourmaline, tiger's eye, red jasper, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, are helpful for you, but I have noticed for myself that some of them seem almost too grounding.

Smoky quartz, because it is a light grounder, is one of my favorites. Red jasper, which in Native American tradition, vibrates with the slow deep rhythms of the earth, is another valuable stone. Tiger's eye is too beautiful for me not to love working with it, and the motion of its pattern creates a grounding, yet exciting energy.

Carnelian is an excellent crystal for grounding one in the present moment.

I must also mention turquoise, which is my birthstone (in crystal lore it is believed to help those Sags who sometimes have two left feet from harming themselves in clumsy moments). It is also believed in both Native American and Tibetan tradition to bridge heaven and earth.


Two of my favorite Wild Earth Animal Essences are Turtle and Deer. Turtle is essential for me when I am really spaced out. Turtle travels close to the ground, and is in harmony with the energies of Mother Earth.

Deer, in addition to its attribute of gentleness, walks its path with awareness and concentration, a valuable characteristic for cloud people.

Clematis (Bach) is almost mandatory for any ungrounded person, and is especially useful for those who don't even want to know about physical reality.

Wild Oat (Bach) helps those who have trouble deciding on a path in the physical plane.

Essential Oils

There are a number of grounding oils which can benefit sky people. The rich and aromatic fragrance of myrrh brings me back to earth whenever I need to be there, as does Vetiver.

Almost any oil which ends in "wood": - cedarwood, sandalwood, rosewood - comes from a tree, and there is probably nothing more grounded than a tree.

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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