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(Editor's note: this is an updated version of an article originally published several years ago.)

In the United States the holiday season is presented as a time when everyone should be happy. In the commercials and ads no one misses a plane or train connection; happy families gather at a table groaning with food (you never see the happy people groaning after they overeat); salespeople in the stores are invariably polite and helpful to those shopping for holiday gifts, (and everyone gets exactly what they wanted).

As a result, anyone who feels less than ecstatic about the prospect of the holidays may also be tempted to feel that something is wrong with them - which, of course, can make them feel even worse.

There can, however, be many reasons why a reasonably sane person might dread the holidays.

I'm not a Scrooge; for me the holidays mark a bright point that distracts me from shortening days, deepening snow, and lowering temperatures. More than any other season, winter needs the comforting assemblies of people who care about each other, expressions of love, and general good times. It helps that the New Year follows so quickly, giving the opportunity for resolutions.

For years, the holidays have also meant for me an increased work load, the need to help frantic shoppers in person (when I had a realtime store), and now by phone and email. For others, holidays can mean crowds, shopping at the last minute, traveling in crowded transport or on crowded highways, too much food and drink, and spending time with people to whom through some mysterious joke of fate you are biologically connected.

Because of this accumulation of stress - and because we are continually reminded by the media that this is the flu season - it can also mean getting sick.

Yet the holidays can be an opportunity to genuinely reconnect with those in your biological and/or chosen family. The New Year (and this is true whether you begin it January 1 or any other time of year) can, when approached consciously, be an occasion for a genuinely new beginning.

Haven't Got Time for the Pain

One widely-used human strategy for avoiding emotional discomfort or any unpleasant feeling is to pretend it isn't there. It's the

"How are you?"


In my experience discomfort buried is discomfort up to no good. If you don't listen when it whispers, it will shout.

You can have genuinely happy holidays if you take a long look at your holiday plans, and identify the areas which are making you uncomfortable or setting off alarms. For example:

Reach for Your Crystals

The next step is to program one or several crystals for the ideal outcome. There's expanded information about this in the article in this section about programming at

Here are some quick suggestions:

  1. Phrase all of your affirmations in the present, and state them in a positive way, i.e., not "my airplane flight won't be too bad, " but "When I fly to my parents' house for the holidays the plane leaves on time, and I easily make the connecting flight. Both flights are smooth."
  2. Visualize a quiet plane, pleasant sweetmeat, good in-flight movie.
  3. Imagine the feelings of being comfortable, relaxed, looking forward to seeing your family. (This, of course, may be the subject of a new affirmation.)
  4. Program a crystal for your intention and either leave it where it won't be disturbed or carry it with you. (Or program two - one stay-at-home, one traveler).

Unfriendly Skies

Fearful travelers can feel more grounded by carrying smoky quartz. The Bach Flower Remedy Clematis can also assist in this, and any of the grounding essential oils (cedarwood, vetiver, and angelica, which is both grounding and may also make you feel as if you are among the angels).

Hematite can help to deflect the negative vibrations of other travelers (or any other people). Yarrow is the FES flower essences most appropriate for crowds-of-strangers situations; while Pink Yarrow helps to deflect those more intimate vibrations.

Rhodonite is helpful for patience on an airline check-in line or any line, and also for patience with clerks who may be straining your ability to remain calm and tolerant. Impatiens (Bach Flower Remedy) is the comparable flower essence.

Rescue Remedy, a composite of five Bach Flower Remedies, is something which is with me at all times - holidays or not.

Avoiding Excess

Those who want to be conscious about what they eat - will be helped if they have a crystal programmed for this purpose in their immediate vicinity as they sit down to the holiday table.

The Bach Flower Remedy Cherry Plum deals with overwhelming urges. It would be best to start taking it a few weeks prior to the dangerous meal(s)

Carnelian is very helpful for being focused in the present. Amethyst can be beneficial for those who view their eating patterns as addictions.

If your impulse to overeat is related to family tensions, keep an aquamarine tucked somewhere (amethyst can also help). The FES essence chamomile can help to ease digestive-tract tension, as can the essential oil chamomile.

If you feel indigestion coming on and have been trained in Reiki you will discover that it's very easy to casually Reiki the solar/plexus/abdominal areas (I have done it many times).

Happy Families

Now I know that many people in the world do have happy, loving families. Many, however, do not, or have certain family members who have difficulty in being together.

If setting appropriate emotional boundaries is an issue for you please read or review Drawing the Line: Setting Boundaries" at

If there are usually elements of tension in your family gatherings, give extra thought to what would make this a pleasant occasion for you, with emphasis on what you can do to make it so. Is your goal simply to survive the event, to have a reasonably enjoyable experience, or a breakthrough? (Any of these are valid goals.)

It has been said that everyone who is in our lives is there for a reason, and that the people to whom we react most negatively are our greatest teachers. When I'm in a tense family moment it helps when I remember this and focus on paying attention to my reactions and to see what I can learn about myself from them. It can also be beneficial to go out into the cold night air and take several deep breaths.

If you wear crystals, think about calming choices. Sodalite, for mental/emotional balance and rose quartz, for keeping the ideal of love foremost, are helpful, as is moonstone, for emotional balance.

I've learned that I have a tendency to want to be right and have other people be wrong - a temptation which can easily surface in a family gathering where various political and spiritual persuasions are represented. The Bach Flower Remedy Beech (for intolerance) has been helpful to me in healing this imbalance, and Cherry Plum can be useful to anyone who has an overwhelming urge to tell someone what an idiot they are.

Calendula (FES) helps people to speak gently, as do blue lace agate, chrysocolla, and aquamarine. Counting to ten - sometimes 20 - is also useful.

Do Think of Yourself

Above all, be very kind to yourself. If you have to buy presents for 20 people, don't wait until the last moment.

Appreciate yourself. Appreciation is food for the soul, and there is no better diet for this - or any - time of the year.

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