How Long Does It Take?

One of the questions people most frequently ask us is: "How long do essences take to work?" Our most frequently-given answer is "I don't know."

We try instead to address the question that underlies the one about essences' performance speed: "How long will it take for me to a) get rid of this problem? b) get to where I want to be? c) experience transformation? Our answer is still "I don't know," but we can talk about factors that can quicken or delay the pace of the desired changes.

How Vibrational Healing Happens

Vibrational healing works on the principle that well-being on all levels is caused by the free flow of energy. When energy is blocked mental and emotional imbalances are created. Essences, crystals, Reiki, and other vibrational healing practices help to dissolve blockages, thus allowing energy to again flow, creating balance and harmony.

How easily and quickly the blockages dissolve in part depends on one's willingness to allow this, which is based on one's willingness to change.

The Journey of Release

The causes of speedups and delays become more clear if you think of your transformational journey as analogous to an automobile trip. For a physical journey you'd want to know how many miles it will be. In a nonphysical journey, the length of time you've had an emotional condition corresponds to physical distances. For example, if for all your life resentment or anger have been your most usual responses to difficulty, your trip may be longer than that of someone for whom these emotions have only recently become dominant.

Once emotional habits have become established, the better practiced and more automatic they are. You may find it difficult to imagine a different way to respond. Though you consciously want to dissolve the habit, you may unconsciously fear the vacuum its absence will create, i.e., "If I don't act that way, how will I act?" To the degree that one, knowingly or unknowingly, resists dissolving the habit and its corresponding energy block, it's like driving with the brakes on. Not only don't you get very far, you do emotional damage to yourself.

Releasing the Brakes

Those who have decided to take essences, meditate with crystals, use Reiki, etc. have already taken the first step. They've realized that their emotional habits no longer serve them. Their desire to release these habits makes them more receptive to the vibrational energy that will help to dissolve the underlying blockages.

This energy may be enhanced by the use of affirmations. In our consultations, we customize affirmations for our clients. Some examples might be:

Resentment (Willow)

Self-esteem (Larch)

Submission to Others (Centaury)

(All the essences above are Bach Flower Remedies.)

The Secret Value of Affirmations

Although the principal purpose of affirmations is to enhance the positive vibrations one wishes to incorporate, sometimes they have a different effect.

For example, you say, "The universe has my best interests at heart," and another voice says, "Oh, yeah? Then how come I get headaches every time it rains? How come my so-called friend betrayed me? Why did I have such a big plumbing bill last month?" Before you know it, not only are you back in the vibration of resentment; it seems stronger than ever.

This is a message that the distance between where you and where you want to be is too wide to be bridged by affirmations. The energy of the condition you want to release is more powerful than the energy you are summoning forth for the purpose of change.

If this is the case the best thing to do is to shift your attention elsewhere, to subjects that call forth positive energy. This will take some focus and concentration, but it can be done.

There are a number of ways to do that. One of the most powerful is to focus on what makes you feel good about yourself and your life.

This could include doing the following:

The most valuable things on this list will be those that make you laugh or fill you with feelings of love. I believe love and laughter are the lightest vibrations you can feel, and light vibrations are contagious. They go where they're needed, and without your thinking about the condition you want to change, they will go to work on dissolving the vibrational blockages underlying them.


Another very important way to facilitate the healing energy of essences, etc. is to relax about the process and be calm about how long it takes. Being anxious about the speed of change is another way to put on the brakes. It signifies tension, impatience, and dissatisfaction, none of which help the good vibrations to roll.

If you find yourself plagued by this kind of anxiety, you may consider adding either of two essences to your mixture. The first is Pine (Bach), which is ideal for releasing feelings of guilt about your lack of instant perfection. The second is Impatiens (Bach) for feeling that it has to happen yesterday. Impatiens is also in Rescue Remedy, which is often an excellent overall toner for the process of change.

You can also benefit by returning to the idea of a journey. Decide what kind of a trip you want your life to be. Is it strictly to go from here from there, or do you want to go slowly, enjoying the experiences that take place along the way, appreciating the process of change?

The less anxious you are about the changes you want to make, the more relaxed and trusting you are that being in balance and harmony is a natural state that you can easily achieve, the easier and more pleasant that journey is.

And it never ends.

Some additional resources:

Rhodonite is also helpful for impatience.

Citrine is very valuable for feelings of self-esteem; while rose quartz fosters self-love.

Sugilite is excellent for feelings of guilt over one's imperfections, and a quartz cluster can help you realize you are already perfect. You may just need a little dusting.

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