Being with Crystals: A Beginning

In this newsletter I often suggest various ways of meditating with crystals. I strongly believe in this practice; as soon as I added crystals to my meditation my ability to focus and go deeper increased beyond calculation.

Meditation isn't the only way to be with crystals. How you place them in your home or office is another way of being in relationship with them, and there will be articles about this in future newsletters. Programming, which I've written about, is yet another way.

A fourth way, and one which is a basic foundation for all other ways in which you live with crystals, is to become familiar with them.

Getting to Know Them

Introductions should begin as soon as you buy (or in any other way receive) a crystal. If you acquire several at once, get to know them one at a time.

In this process, it is very helpful if you can temporarily put aside anything you've learned about this particular crystal (even if its characteristics were the reason you got it). The idea is to experience your crystal without preconceptions.

A helpful way to begin this is to hold a crystal and close your eyes. I know someone is wondering with which hand they should pick up the crystal. Traditional crystal literature says that you should send energy with your dominant hand and receive it with the non-dominant hand. I would recommend doing this at first, but as you become more familiar with crystal's energies switch hands. It will help to train your dominant hand to become more receptive, which could help in left-right brain balance.

Vibrationally Challenged

While we're on the subject of questions I know that someone else is saying, "But when I pick up a crystal I don't feel anything."

Don't feel badly about this. I don't see auras. For years I was ashamed about this, but I've learned to accept it. My intuitional ability to "read" people is no less because of it„and you will discover that your crystals will help to balance your vibrations whether or not you can feel theirs.

And take heart, I believe that as you get to know your crystals you will have a deepening experience of their energies.

As you hold your crystal, then, do so, as much as possible without expectation. Breathe deeply. (The article, "Meditation 101," at gives more detailed instructions about proper breathing. To summarize: your stomach should go out when you inhale and in when you exhale.)

Rub the crystal between your fingertips, hold it in the very center of your palm (the most sensitive area). Become acquainted with its shape and its texture. (Since these are sensations which you can feel really explore them.)

While continuing to physically feel the crystal notice whether you are aware of any other sensations in different parts of your body. You might, for example, feel something in your solar plexus or at the top of your head.

If you feel drawn to hold the crystal against a particular part of your body do so. Notice any sensations, images, or thoughts you may have.

The most important thing is to enjoy and appreciate whatever response you have to your crystal.

The Visual Approach

Once you've gone as far as you can with touch open your eyes and look at your crystal. Keep up the deep breathing as you study it.

Some stones might not seem worth more than a 20-second scan. Hematite (which gets high ratings in the touch-and-feel department) is one. However, because its surface is so reflective, you may find that it's more hypnotic than stones which, upon first glance, seem more appealing visually.

As you look at your stone move it around. Hold it up to the light. If it has patterns follow them. Without looking for anything in particular see if you notice anything recognizable. (I have a rhodochrosite with an eagle on it and a malachite with a four-leaf clover.)

Focus on the stone's color. Imagine that color filling you. Breath it in, fill your body with it. (This is very good practice and preparation for chakra balancing.)

If you have a clear quartz point or a cluster do all of the above, and then a little more. Unless your point is perfectly clear there will be inclusions (pockets of air and water), possibly points growing inside the main one, and perhaps rainbows„in short, a world to explore.

Keep Them Nearby

You will become more attuned to your crystals when you keep them on a bedside table or on a desk where you work. An altar or circle of stones is particularly beneficial for sleep, dreaming, concentration, and creativity. You may also want to carry a pouch of stones with you throughout the day.

Above all, treat your crystals with respect and love. They are gifts of beauty from the earth, gifts of love.

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