Your Journey of Love
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Do you:

When we live in the spirit of love, life becomes joyful. We find that when we aren't bound up in negative emotions, we have more vitality. We appreciate the many blessings of our lives, and the positive energy of appreciation creates more blessings for us to appreciate.

Our relationships become our greatest blessings. We turn relationship challenges into opportunities for greater understanding and intimacy.

All of this is possible when we recognize that we are the source of love.

In this course you will learn:

Each lesson has what we call Homeplay (thus avoiding any beliefs you may have about the word "Homework".) The homework is challenging. It is not impossible. It can be fun.

The course costs $50 and is delivered by email. While taking the course you are entitled to a 10% discount on any crystals, crystal jewelry, and essences you purchase.

You will also be entitled to discounts on crystals.

You may, if you wish, order a complete set of tumbled gemstones for $50. If this were purchased separately it would cost $57.


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Love Course


We look forward to sharing your prosperity journey.

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