The Creative Triad: Pyrite, Calcite, Fluorite

pyrite sphere
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Pink Calcite
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Most of you will know the feeling you have when you've been driving for a long time, following confusing or perhaps nonexistent directions. You think you must be getting somewhere, but suddenly you see a landmark you know you passed hours ago.

Sometimes our lives can feel that way. We are, to quote the well-known saying, doing what we've always done and getting what we've always got. If we like what we're getting, this isn't a problem. If, however, you want to travel a new road, you need some new directions.

A particularly effective combination of crystals for redirecting yourself includes pyrite, calcite, and fluorite. These three stones can help to guide you from the creation of a new idea to its manifestation in physical reality.

Pyrite: The Spark of Inspiration

Pyrite is generally considered to be a stone that can spark creative thinking and open one to new ideas.

Its shape helps to indicate its particular characteristics. This mineral forms in clusters of cubical formations. Each cube has a precise shape, but the cubes themselves are scattered randomly throughout the cluster.

In many ways, this symbolizes the relationship between the right and left sides of the brain. The right side relates to being spontaneous, intuitive and creative; while the left side is connected to logic and reason. Pyrite represents the ability to capture the creative idea that seems to come randomly out of nowhere and to logically visualize the steps it will take to realize it.

Say, for example, you want to become closer to your sister. Your picture of her though (and you've formed it over many years) is that she is afraid of intimate conversation.

The first step is to recognize that this is an old thought or thought pattern that isn't going to get you any closer to your sister. It is, in fact, a barrier between the two of you. To have a new relationship with her, you need some new thoughts.

You meditate with pyrite (and you will probably need to do this more than once). You spontaneously remember how when you were both children, you loved swimming. In the water, your sister was as open and playful as a dolphin.

Still meditating with pyrite, you ask yourself how to translate this memory into a plan. You decide to invite her to spend a day at the beach. At the same time, you realize it isn't so much verbal communication you desire as the experience of closeness, a feeling emotional and vibrational.

To use a workplace example, you are becoming increasingly frustrated with the sloppy and careless way things are done at your office. New procedures and technologies are constantly introduced, there's a high turnover of employees, and the new ones barely begin to understand how things are supposed to be done before they either quit or are fired.

Your complaints are rapidly becoming old thoughts, getting you nowhere, and you decide to spend some time with pyrite. The idea comes to you that a director of training is needed, plus a manual of procedures that can easily be revised to accommodate the perpetual changes. You also realize you're the ideal person to become this director.

You immediately sit down and write a plan. When finished, it shows your boss how much money will be saved in terms of making operations more efficient and helping employees to become more involved in their work.

Be patient in working with pyrite. In mineral lore, this bright shiny crystal was often mistaken for gold and is often nicknamed "fool's gold." More experienced miners, however, knew that where pyrite was found a little more searching could yield gold.

Calcite: Releasing Resistance, Easing the Transition

When we are about to travel a new, unknown road, we often hear a little voice inside that says this isn't such a good idea. So what if you have an idea and a plan? That doesn't mean things are going to work out. You've failed in the pastÑor been betrayed, deluded, treated unfairly, or for various other reasons presumably beyond your control been denied the realization of your dream.

At this point, calcite can be a very helpful stone. In its unpolished state, it is commonly formed in the three-dimensional parallelogram called a rhomboid. A rhomboid has six parallel planes (visualize this as top, bottom, side, side, end, end) all connected to each other).

In terms of life, calcite's shape represents the interconnection and interaction of parallel planes of reality. In many cultures we are taught to think of spirit as being "up there," physical reality "right here." This separation keeps us from remembering that we, and all forms of life, are actually spirit temporarily assuming physical form.

The understanding that we are spirit gives a much greater flexibility in dealing with life's challenges, especially our internal challenges, such as that little scared voice that urges us not to take risks by setting off on an untraveled road.

I like to think of calcite as a stepping stone between the initiation of an idea and its realization. It gives us not only the courage to act, but the courage to be.

For example, after spending some time meditating with calcite, you decide to initiate a new reality in your relationship with your sister by calling her to make that beach date. That's the action part. Equally important is your ability to be receptive to her, however she is. If she seems to be raising the same old walls between you, you can choose not to think, "She's doing it again. This isn't working."

Instead, you could think about how much you love her, how much you've shared in the past. The latter way of thinking gives you access to a new dimension, a new way to be with her. It also creates a vibration of acceptance of love that will positively alter your relationship with her.

Calcite can also help you to discover the limiting beliefs that prevent you from making the appropriate moves. You might, for example, find out that you're afraid to be closer to your sister because that makes one more person to worry about and fear learning or one more opportunity to be vulnerable and possibly get hurt. Instead, focus on deepening your own feelings of self love and self esteem.

In the imaginary job situation, if thoughts such as, "No one ever listens to my ideas" or "My boss is fixed in his ways; he'll never change" come up, apply the same principles. Think about how much difference the implementation of your idea can make. Choose to see your boss as someone who is open to new ideas.

In terms of the appropriate colors of calcite to use, you can use clear calcite for any situation or condition for which you would like some answers.

Pink calcite is most appropriate for situations involving relationships.

Green calcite is helpful for health related situations, those that arouse a great deal of anger, and situations where you can sense how deeply you need to let go of fixed attitudes and beliefs.

Golden calcite is best used for situations involving either work or home.

Although I've talked about the rhomboid form of calcite, its basic properties also come through in a polished version of the stone. Holding a calcite sphere is one of my favorite ways not only to release stress and tension but to allow new ways of seeing things to enter my awareness.

Fluorite: The Energy of Fulfillment

You've imagined your idea and come up with ways to implement it, and you've cleared out any mental/emotional resistance to its manifestation. The final stage is that of manifestation, to bring your possibility out of the realm of ideas into the world of physical reality.

Fluorite is the ideal stone for this level of creation. It is sometimes called the genius stone because of its ability to sharpen mental abilities.

One of its gifts is to increase the ability to concentrate. Many people realize that when they work with it regularly it can amplify intellectual development.

Its principal energy is that of helping to connect mind to spirit. As calcite helps us to become aware of and to dissolve unwanted thoughts and beliefs that block the fulfillment of dreams, so fluorite helps to neutralize distracting and unwanted thought patterns in general.

Suppose, for example, you're thinking about an idea, and instead you think about a check you're waiting for, or wondering when it will stop raining, or why your child can't learn to pick up after herself. Fluorite helps to quiet or dissolve this constant chatter and allows the mind to be at peace.

Once at peace, the mind becomes aware of its source, infinite and universal intelligence. This awareness, when achieved on a regular basis creates a pathway for remaining attuned to universal consciousness while functioning as an individual on the physical plane.

I see one of the roles of fluorite as that of refinement. In planning your day at the beach with your sister, you meditate with fluorite to discover what could make the day perfect. You think of bringing a food she loves or get a book by an author you know she enjoys as a special gift, or any gesture that will help her to know you care.

In the work situation, you discover ways to refine your proposal. You describe particular crises that could be prevented in the future through implementation of your idea. You list your attributes that will help to make you the ideal trainer.

Best of all, fluorite helps to keep you fully connected with universal intelligence so that creative solutions in any area of life are ongoing.

In terms of fluorite's various colors, blue stands for inner peace, mental calmness, and serenity. Purple represents a focus on the expression of spirit. Yellow is the color of understanding and manifestation. Green represents a release of mental patterns that have centered in the heart in the form of worry or anxiety. White represents the purest merging of the individual with universal spirit.

As with calcite, I have found meditating with a fluorite sphere to be immensely calming and inspiring. I also find that placing a fluorite pyramid on the third eye is very helpful. A fluorite wand may be placed on the heart. Also see an article on fluorite for a meditation with fluorite octahedrons.

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