Meditations for the Millennium

While surfing the Web I have found countless interpretations of what the year 2000 will bring to our world.

On many spiritually-oriented web sites it is hailed as the date on which new energies of light will bathe our planet and usher in an age of love and understanding. Other sites have a darker viewpoint and forecast worldwide chaos. Still others forecast a minimum of disruption.

My own predictions are pretty open-ended, mainly because I believe that the most important dimension is one which cannot be calculated. That is how we as human and spiritual beings respond.

We have the choices of denial, fear, anger, isolation. We can also choose acceptance, optimism, courage, love, compassion, and cooperation.

The future will be very much affected by our choices.

Setting the Tone

For the past few years I've written newsletter articles about creating and realizing New Year's resolutions/affirmations. These include:

Crystals for New Beginnings: For the New Year or any time you want a fresh start crystals can add power to your affirmations and resolutions.

Your Intentions Made Manifest

In deciding what you want to create for the new millennium you may want to think about what's most important to you in terms of both your own life and your visions for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Often, these two areas are most powerful when combined. For example, if you want more love in your life, you might begin with the affirmation, "I am a source of love in the world."

Below are some ideas to represent your dreams.


Rose quartz (loving oneself), rhodonite (patience), pink calcite (blending self-love with love of others), emerald (love's spiritual dimension), gemini (relationship) crystals.


Citrine (abundance and self-esteem), green tourmaline (creativity and abundance), pyrite (finding creative ways to create abundance), smoky quartz (for manifestation in general).


Chrysocolla (adds emotional depth to our creativity), Aquamarine (for access to soul's wisdom), amazonite (power of personal expression), Carnelian (for the flow of creativity).

Charoite (heals fear), Aventurine and Green Tourmaline (all-around healers), Green Calcite (heals and releases old beliefs)

You may also want to have a sphere to symbolize the completion of the old millennium or a cluster to represent the unity of all beings.

A Meditation for the Millennium

(You are free to use this meditation, and to alter it in any way you wish. I ask only that you don't reprint it or pass it on without permission, as it is copyrighted material.)

This meditation may be done either seated or lying down.

Close your eyes and relax. Inhale and exhale. As you inhale imagine that you have roots which extend deep into the earth. As you exhale imagine that strands of light extend from the top of your head upward to the heavens.

Inhale, feeling the deep earth energies flowing upward through you. Exhale, feeling the energy of the universe flowing downward. As you continue to inhale and exhale feel these energies blend and become one.

Now, imagine the room you're in. Visualize its dimensions, with special attention to the altar. Fill this room with loving energy.

Now expand outward and visualize your entire living space. Feel appreciation for the comfort and protection it gives you. Send love and healing into every area.

Expand further and imagine your immediate physical surroundings (apartment building, neighborhood, etc.) Fill this space with love and healing.

Expand outward again and send healing and love to your city or town.

Send healing to all those who are ill or troubled or frightened.

Expand further and send healing to your state or province.

Now expand to include your entire country. Send healing to all those who have AIDS and cancer. Send healing and love to the divisions which separate people.

Expand outward to include all the countries in the world. Send healing and love wherever there is war and suffering. Send healing and love where there is hunger and sickness.

See this planet embraced in an aura of healing, a glowing aura with all the colors of the rainbow, healing its wounds, making it healthy and whole.

Continue to expand outward to the planets, to the stars. Feel yourself become lighter and lighter, feel the energy which flows through you. Feel your personal boundaries expand until you are one with the universal energy, creator and creation, all one, all an energy beyond time and space. There is only Now, the moment of creation, when all ideas, actions, and results wait to be born.

Experience the vastness, the eternity of this moment. Open yourself to its gift.

And now, feeling very light and expansive, slowly return to Earth, leaving the stars, the planets, behind. Return to the earth, wrapped in a glowing, healing aura. Return slowly to your country, your locality, your room.

As you return to your room, know that the world, the universe, is right here. The Eternal Now, the moment of creation, is in this room.

Slowly inhale and exhale. Feel yourself at one with all that is.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

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