Crystals for New Beginnings

While there are Celtic, Jewish, Chinese, and other cultural New Year's Days which don't correspond to January 1, this date is globally recognized as a time for new beginnings. For me New Year's Eve has always been a time to create intentions and goals for the coming year, and to program crystals for these purposes.

Whether or not you choose to do so at this time, the following article can serve as a guide for any time when you decide that it's time for a fresh start.

What Do You Want?

This month's Rainbow Reflections article covers this subject in detail.

To summarize its main points: If you could change anything you wanted to change, if you could have anything you wanted, what would you want?

Now, make believe that you can have it and make a list in the spirit of complete belief that it will be.

Think of the your ideas for what you want as the blueprint for your future, and of the affirmations you create and the crystals you program as the building materials.

How to Say It

The Affirmations article covers this in detail, as does a Living with Crystals article from 1997, entitled You and Your Crystal: Partners in Creation.

Here I will summarize the most important aspects of creating affirmations.

1. Make it positive - not, "I don't want to be overweight," but "I lose 20 pounds in 1999."

2. Make it in the present tense, as above - not "I will lose" but "I lose."

3. Make it believable (another way to say "make believe.") Don't decide that you're going to be a millionaire in 1999, if a loud voice inside is saying, "No way." That voice has its own set of affirmations going, and they will win out every time.

Engaging Crystals

Once you have your affirmations prepared, the next step is to choose crystals. You may find, as I often do, that as you look at your collection of crystals certain ones call out to you. If this happens, ignore anything I write here. For example, if I say, "citrine is one of the best stones for program for abundance," but a quartz crystal is jumping up and down to get your attention, pay no attention to me.

Sometimes, however, crystals are quiet, and a list of appropriate attributes to help you choose crystals to program does no harm.

A Year of Creativity

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that creativity is about painting and writing and other formally-recognized arts. Living is an act of creativity, and when you consciously and deliberately decide on the shape you want your life to take this is an act of even deeper creativity.

On some levels creativity is an inner process: what you dream, imagine, and give physical form to.

Chrysocolla calms us so that our thoughts flow freely. This is a good stone for those who find their thinking processes to be intellectually sound, but lacking emotional quality.

Aquamarine helps us to access our souls' wisdom, and on the deepest level to the wisdom of universal consciousness.

On another level creativity may be a process of co-creation with others.Amazonite, turquoise, and blue lace agate are distinctly verbal stones.

Amazonite assists in courage of personal expression, giving us the power to say the words we're afraid to speak.

Turquoise is valuable for clarifying our desires and expressing them to others who can help us manifest them.

When we need to be clear and yet peaceful in our verbal expression blue lace agate is a helpful stone.

A Year of Love

The primary love stone is rose quartz. When we love ourselves it's amazing how much love we will receive from others. When we don't it's astonishing how little the love of others makes an impact.

Rose quartz helps to remove the energetic blockages in the heart chakra which keep us from truly loving ourselves, and also nurtures and replenishes our sense of self-love.

While rose quartz prepares the ground for the expression of love in the outer world, pink tourmaline activates that expression. This crystal also helps us to review and release past experiences when our attempts to love others seemed to fail. Its message is, "It's safe to love."

An often-unrecognized aspect of love is patience. Rhodonite, while good for any situation which threatens one's patience, is especially helpful for the day-to-day annoyances which two people who live together often face. When the first bloom of romance fades, and one is left facing the reality that their dearly beloved partner leaves a trail of crumbs wherever (s)he goes, or whistles all the time, rhodonite can be helpful.

A Year of Abundance

Citrine is a very good crystal for abundance. This is in part because gold is one of the traditional colors associated with abundance, and also because of citrine's special relationship to what might be called the psychic digestive system.

Citrine helps to release old, beliefs which are simply clogging up the works and not allowing room for new beliefs take hold. Since the idea of abundance relates very much to an expanded view of oneself and what one deserves, citrine is excellent for this purpose.

Green is another color for abundance, and green tourmaline is also a very helpful abundance stone. Thinking of green can help us realize how all-encompassing the idea of abundance is. It means grass, leaves, renewal, and also good health.

Another important aspect of green tourmaline is its connection to creativity. In terms of abundance being creative means finding new ways to attract what you desire into your life.

Ring Out the Old

Kyanite and moldavite are excellent for surfacing and dissolving old beliefs.

Kyanite reminds us that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that we are ultimately in charge. As we begin to look at the events of our lives in this perspective we can find that beliefs which we accepted as fact are brought to the surface.

Moldavite, the stone from outer space, both helps us become aware of our negative beliefs about being in physical existence, and makes us more comfortable on the earth plane.

Ring In the New

For many people deepened spiritual growth is a primary goal. Amethyst and clear quartz are helpful stones in realizing this.

Amethyst is a transition stone; it bridges physical and spiritual consciousness, and thus is very valuable in meditation.

Part of spiritual development is knowing who we have been and deciding who we want to be. For this expanded sense of self clear quartz is the ideal stone. It is also a stone which can be programmed for any purpose.

Programming Your Crystals

Below is one method of programming.

  1. Hold your crystal in one or both hands.
  2. Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth.
  3. Focus on what you want to program into the crystal.
  4. As you inhale see a visual image of what you want; imagine how it feels to have it; and repeat an affirmation to yourself.
  5. With each exhale send your desire into the crystal.
  6. When you feel that the programming is complete put the crystal in a place where it won't be disturbed, or carry it with you. (This, of course, depends on how many crystals you're programming.)

You may feel that the programming is complete when you feel the crystal tingle. It may be a sense that what you're programming for will happen. It may be some awareness, known only to you, that your work with this crystal is complete.

May you have a happy, prosperous, creative, and healthy new year.

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