Opal: Breaking the Surface


Opal is probably one of the most misunderstood and myth-ified stones in the crystal realm. In my many years of working with and selling stones. I have heard (among other theories) that it's a bad-luck stone, that you should only have one if someone gives it to you as a gift, and that you should only have/wear it if it's your birthstone (Libra).

I don't think that opal is a bad-luck stone; nor do I feel that there need be restrictions on its use. I do feel, though, that this stone can have very powerful effects. I also feel that opal's reputation as a stone which causes misfortune is directly related to its powers.

Opal contains up to thirty percent water. This, plus its ever-changing play of colors (called opalescence), give it the ability to mirror and magnify one's emotions. Different kinds of opal have varying effects on the emotions.

The opal most frequently used for jewelry is a clear or white opal, with brilliant flashes of color. This opal is one of the most beautiful and has one of the more intense effects on emotions. If you're in a good mood, feeling happy and optimistic, opal can help to magnify these feelings and is a perfect crystal to wear.

It can be just as perfect if you're not feeling so wonderful, but you might not want to go out while you're wearing it. I recommend wearing it against the heart and allowing your feelings to be released. Watery opal can release tears, and that can be a healing experience. If you still feel raw, I recommend taking Rescue Remedy, four drops in a glass of water), every hour until you feel back in balance.

Opal can also help if you feel a general kind of depression or resignation, as it will stir up the emotions. In working with opal this way, it can be helpful to work with related Bach Flower Remedies, Mustard for general depression (i.e., not clearly related to a specific cause) and Wild Rose for resignation.

Fire Opal (related to the second chakra) is helpful if you feel you need more vitality (or "fire" in your life. People find that it lights the flame of optimism. When we're in optimistic frames of mind, we often find it easier to look at the past and let go of it, the general reasoning being, "Look at where I am now. That's behind me." In the same spirit, it releases intuition and a corresponding trust in the senses.

The following three opal types have softer energy.

Boulder Opal, formed in a sandstone matrix called ironstone, has light flashes of blue against a rich pattern of dark brown, reddish brown, and tan. In addition to its visually exciting qualities, I feel it gives emotions a safe home by grounding them. I use it for emotional expressiveness (fourth and fifth chakras) in a grounding way (first chakra).

Oregon Opal is especially helpful for magnifying all positive emotions in a very subtle way. It does this by activating spiritual awareness. This stone's gentle message is that, while you may experience yourself as a physical being in a separate body, you are connected to all life. With that connection established, Oregon opal helps you to view your life purpose in a greater perspective. It relates to the seventh chakra.

Andean Blue Opal lacks the fire of some other kinds. Because of this it has an emotionally soothing quality. I think of it as being useful for communication on a spiritual level--which may include esp, distant communication, and communication with animals, angels, and other nonhuman forms of existence.

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