Roller-Coasters and Merry-Go-Rounds

The first time I walked into a crystal store, many years ago, I was innocently looking for a Mother's Day gift. Though I had been interested in metaphysics for several years, crystals had escaped my attention. Now I noticed how beautiful they were, but this impression was soon lost in a wave of dizziness.

At first, I thought there wasn't enough air in the store; then I felt as if I were in an elevator plunging to the bottom, and I kept hearing the word, "Atlantis." I couldn't wait to get out of the store, and for months afterwards I wouldn't go near crystals.

As you know, I did eventually overcome my fear and was able not only to go into crystal stores but own one and spend much time there, as well as in large warehouses crowded with stones. My own energy field adapted to that of large quantities of crystals.

Because of my own initiating experience, I am very sympathetic to the emails I get from people who have had occasion to feel uncomfortable with crystals, either generally or with specific stones. This article is intended to provide some solutions.

Unlucky Crystals?

Opal is a crystal which makes so many people uncomfortable that it's gotten a reputation for being a bad-luck stone. It's one of the most misunderstood stones in the crystal realm. In my many years of working with and selling stones I have heard (among other remarks) that it's a bad-luck stone, that you should only have one if someone gives it to you as a gift, and that you should only have/wear it if it's your birthstone (Librans, rejoice).

This stone contains up to thirty percent water. In addition, its ever-changing play of colors (called opalescence), gives it the ability to mirror and magnification of one's emotions.

Many people are uncomfortable with strong emotions. By this, I don't mean feelings of sadness where one feels in control. I mean surrendering to feelings. This kind of surrender is opal's gift.

It's the kind of gift which doesn't always seem like one. When we're feeling emotionally upset, the last thing we want is to feel more of emotion. However, the more deeply we can feel our emotions and allow them to flow through us, the more quickly we go away.

Think about how you feel after a good cry: exhausted, yes, but also relieved, relaxed, de-stressed. Emotions are most unpleasant when we feel stuck in them -- which usually means that we're resisting them. We don't, for example, want to be angry, so instead anger seethes and simmers, or when completely repressed, implodes to create stress, tension, and sometimes physical conditions.

If you can hang on for the ride, you will find that opal will help you to release persistent emotional states. In chakra layouts it can be placed on the heart or solar plexus for purposes of release. I would recommend also using rose quartz for a softening effect.

When we're feeling emotionally stable and/or joyful, another gift of opal comes into play. Opal doesn't only magnify what we classify as negative emotions; it also enhances feelings of love and happiness. Thus, wearing or working with this stone can be a transcendent experience.

Other High-Voltage Crystals

I went into some length about opal because it is one of the crystals most likely to make people feel uncomfortable. Obsidian is another. This crystal will bring to the surface anything you've been avoiding handling.

I have written elsewhere about a friend who began working with obsidian. A few days later. a job resume he'd unknowingly hidden beneath a pile of papers suddenly appeared at the top of that pile. Obsidian is like that.

Ruby can make passions explode. Lapis can bring long-concealed beliefs to the surface. Malachite surfaces emotions. Quartz magnifies the effects of other crystals.

Any crystal can make you uncomfortable if its purpose is to release long-held blockages. We choose certain crystals because we want to release these blockages, but limitations are so familiar, so much a part of ourselves that we often unconsciously fear giving up the certainty they provide.

The Wise Use of Crystals

There are a number of ways you can avoid resisting the energy of the crystals you've chosen.

Don't Overdo It

If you've chosen to work with or wear a high-voltage crystal, be moderate at first. Don't work with several of them at once. For example, don't meditate simultaneously with lapis, malachite, ruby, opal, and obsidian.

Instead, work briefly with one of these crystals at a time. When you begin to feel uncomfortable with it .put it away, then come back to it.

Use Softening Crystals

Rose quartz and aventurine are two crystals which can help you in using more volatile ones. Lapis, ruby, and malachite bring emotions to the surface, but don't dissolve their vibrational charge. If you place a rose quartz or aventurine with any of them, they have a dissolving effect.

Rhodochrosite, when placed on the solar plexus, can help to relieve any anxieties caused by high-voltage crystals.

Use Other Crystals

Create an Affirmation

Your intention can make a huge difference in the results of your working with crystals. Decide exactly what you would like to accomplish with them.

For example, you may be feeling detached from your emotions. This may have resulted in low-grade, but persistent, depression. You could create an affirmation which says: "I choose to be in partnership with my opal to be fully in touch with my emotions. I experience joyous release."

Then you may wish to program the opal and set it on top of the written affirmation.

Accepting What Unfolds

Consciousness is also vital in the process of working with any crystal. If you begin to feel uneasy or uncomfortable, remind yourself that this is part of the process of healing and releasing. Also remind yourself this is a temporary stage, which will lead to greater power, happiness, and freedom.

You can ease this process by thinking about the properties of the crystal you're working. If, for example, in working with obsidian, you discover beliefs you wish you didn't have, remember obsidian is a truth-telling friend. Recognize the power of honesty. Imagine how looking honestly at your life will enable you to make decisions which will enhance the quality of your life. Visualize yourself in this empowered state.

Essential Energy

You may also find it helpful to work with certain essences to soften your journey with crystals.

Rescue Remedy (Bach) is the universal choice for easing the difficulties of any growth and change. Worldwide, it is the most popular Bach Flower Remedy (and the one most sold at Beyond the Rainbow). I am never without a bottle handy.

Walnut (Bach) is the second most popular Bach Flower Remedy in North America. It helps in easing transitions.

Chamomile (FES) is a calming, soothing remedy which helps to ease anxiety.

Lavender (FES) helps to ease mental and nervous tension.

Frog (Wild Earth Animal Essences) can help ease emotional release.

Bach and Other Flower Essences
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