The Colors of Abundance:
Crystals for Prosperity

Many people ask us how to use crystals to become prosperous. This could mean getting a better job, being able to do the work you love, or finding a new and creative way of manifesting abundance.

The subject is far too large for an email response, or even for a newsletter article. We decided to develop a new email course on creating prosperity. It is now complete. The following is from the section on crystals to attract prosperity.

The Golden Stones

The color gold is clearly connected to the precious metal; yet its relationship to material abundance is also suggested by the image of a field of ripe grain or of the sun, the ultimate source of all growing life. The golden stones are also related to self-esteem, a prerequisite for feeling that we deserve abundance, and for personal will, which enables us to draw it to us.


Citrine, a form of quartz. ranges in color from a lemony yellow to a golden brown. A crystal which relates to the energy of the sun, it is warming, and energizing. It is associated with the navel-solar plexus chakra, which is the center of physical power and manifestation. It reminds us that abundance is unlimited and that it is our birthright.

To attract prosperity requires us to use our personal power. To live up to our highest ideals requires that we use this energy wisely: not to attract abundance in a way which takes away from others, but rather in a way which can help open up the possibility of prosperity to others.

Citrine helps us to use personal power wisely. It is the stone of unselfish energy, giving out lovingly and willingly to others.


Often the shape a crystal forms is a clue to its properties. Pyrite forms in clusters of cubical formations. Although the shape of each cube is precise, they are scattered randomly throughout the cluster, helping to create pyrite's unique beauty.

These geological qualities also indicate its most valuable properties. By combining precision and randomness pyrite helps us to blend our creative and intuitive abilities with the powers of logic and reason.

It is generally considered to be a stone which can spark creative thinking and open one to new ideas. Such ideas are characterized by not only being innovative but possible to realize.

Pyrite's practical relationship to abundance is that it has the ability to stimulate ideas which if fulfilled can lead to abundance.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz, while not literally a golden stone, belongs in this category for its ability to help us manifest our dreams and visions.

This stone inspires us to accept the challenge and responsibility to change the quality of our life on earth. It gives us the power to manifest our dreams and visions while in physical form, and helps us to rid ourselves of those negative energies which prevent us from creative expression.

By helping us to release congested energy and emotional debris it enables us to go beyond our limitations and have the courage to risk new avenues of creativity.

Tiger's Eye

One quality which is indispensable in the creation process is patience. Deciding when certain steps in your creation process are most effectively taken is a fine balance between premature action and procrastination. Tiger's eye fosters a particular kind of patience, that of choosing the most appropriate moment to take action.

One way to learn this lesson is to study how patiently a cat stalks its prey. No matter how hungry it may be, it waits until the right moment to leap. This is the lesson of tiger's eye.

The color gold in this stone represents the ability to manifest; while the dark brown corresponds to the energies of the earth. Thus, this stone enables us to translate our ideas into physical reality in practical ways.

It has the added dimension of helping us to have confidence in our ability to realize our dreams by assisting us in recognizing the inner resources we can use for accomplishment.

The Green Stones

The color green, which is associated with U.S. currency, also has the energy of growth and renewal, as symbolized by springtime. It is, in addition, one of the colors of the fourth (heart) chakra.

The heart represents love, compassion, and the oneness of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The heart is the place of inspiration and intuition beyond rational understanding. It is the source of imagination and of compassion for the self and others.

Creating from the heart allows what we choose to have to be fueled by the energy of love.


Aventurine is best known as a crystal for balancing the heart chakra. This can have a lot to do with prosperity, for when the heart is unbalanced by strong feelings of lack it is difficult to make space for positive feelings of expecting the best to happen, and there is even less room for miracles.


This apple-green stone is often overlooked in crystal information. I feel that it is an essential one for creating prosperity. Its basic quality is that of emotional uplifting. Traditionally related to the solar plexus, it can be placed there to help release emotional tension and stress.

It is believed to attract abundance and to help in success in new ventures. I have noticed that wearing a favorite chrysoprase pendant is invariably successful in drawing prosperity to me.

It has another attribute which relates directly to prosperity in that it is considered helpful in attracting new friends. When we decide to live our lives a new way we begin to radiate different vibrations, and new friends, those whose energies align with our newly-created intentions, can help to support us in our transformation.


Its relationship to prosperity stems from its relationship to the open heart. An open heart trusts that all will be well and has faith in miracles. Emerald also strengthens our perception and insight, which can make us open to opportunities which we might otherwise miss. It also promotes creativity, thus opening us to an awareness of and ability to fulfill our potential.

It is particularly recommended for those who seek new careers in the healing arts.

Flower and Other Essences

Gentian (Bach Flower Remedy): People who are highly practical and reasonable are also highly unlikely to trust without supporting facts or to have undocumented faith.

Among the most valuable components in successful creation is the ability to have faith, to believe that something which is not presently in physical existence can be created. When we don't believe this we are usually discouraged from taking bold action. Taking Gentian allows us to encounter difficulty without becoming discouraged, to keep going on, strengthened by the faith that we are supported by our trust in the possibility of miracles.

Gorse (Bach Flower Remedy): Gorse is most easily described as an advanced case of Gentian. In this condition discouragement has been replaced by despair. One will keep on trying, but without any hope at all that there will be even the slightest improvement.

The Gorse remedy helps to lift the dark cloud of hopelessness, and allow one to regard life and the future with new optimism.

Walnut (Bach Flower Remedy): This is another essence for moving forward. It is particularly helpful when we have well-meaning family members and friends who warn us against making change. Often their fears are contagious, especially if we have any degree of ambivalence about our plans.

Walnut helps us to continue to move forward. In spiritual terms it can be seen as a bridge between the place we are coming from and our ultimate destination.

Beaver (Wild Earth Animal Essences): Beaver, the builder, constructs its home so that there are many exits. This medicine can help us to build our dreams so that they have a sound foundation and at the same time are flexible in design, so that we can revise our plans to incorporate new possibilities.

Buffalo (Wild Earth Animal Essences): This animal is the traditional Native American symbol for abundance. Every bit of this animal is used by the tribe, which reminds us to overlook no opportunities or means of increasing our abundance.

Buffalo, being also a symbol of Spirit, reminds us to be grateful for what we have right now.

Rabbit (Wild Earth Animal Essences): Rabbit, in traditional Native American interpretation, is called the fear caller, a creature whose fears draw forth the very predators it fears. We can also see this as an example of the power of focused thought. When we choose what we think, through affirmations and awareness, we can draw anything towards us. Thus, Rabbit medicine teaches us to choose wisely.

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