Rainbow Crystals

This originally was going to be an article about special quartz formations, such as record keepers, Isis crystals, Herkimer diamonds, and Dow crystals. However, when I began writing I found myself getting flooded with information about rainbow crystals, and the wisest course seemed to be to change my plans.

Rainbows are one of my favorite natural phenomena. An article about rainbows describes some experiences Joyce and I had in Co. Mayo, Ireland, where we saw many rainbows. On our last day there we each wished for a rainbow, and a few minutes later saw a magnificent double rainbow.

The Mayo experience had a great deal to do with our naming our site Beyond the Rainbow. When we originally applied for a url, beyondtherainbow.com was already taken. At first, we were quite disappointed, but then the phrase, "rainbowcrystal" jumped into my mind, and it felt perfect.

And so, it is equally perfect that an article devoted exclusively to the subject of rainbow crystals clamored to be written.

How Rainbows Are Born

Rainbows occur during the crystal's formation. Air or water may be captured within a crystal; while veils and internal fractures also mark the crystal's development. Any of these can create rainbows.

In traditional crystal terminology a rainbow crystal refers to a quartz crystal with rainbows. However, rainbows can occur in clear, smoky, and rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, all calcites, fluorite, danburite, topaz, aquamarine, and probably any translucent or transparent crystal. I find them to be one of the greatest blessings given to us by the mineral kingdom.

Rainbows, which are pure white light evolving into infinite color, remind us that Spirit manifests itself into infinite life forms. So, in a very real sense, all of life is a rainbow, and in our infinite manifestations, we are all part of Source.

Like the rainbow which sometimes follow rain, rainbows in crystals symbolize joy and renewal, and hope. It can be very powerful and healing to hold a crystal which has rainbows and meditate on this.

For the Lonely

If, for example, you are feeling left out, excluded, or lonely, hold a rainbow crystal. Alternate between gazing at it and rotating it up and down in front of the heart chakra. You may also wish to place it on the heart. Visualize yourself as a radiant, glowing color and imagine this color as part of a vast, arching rainbow. Feel yourself united with all of life.

Upon completing this meditation, you may find it helpful to write down all the ways in which you are connected to others. Keep this list handy and add to it. If loneliness returns take it out and read it, and meditate again with a rainbow crystal.

For Healing a Relationship

You may feel disconnected from or in conflict with one particular person. Again, meditate while holding a rainbow crystal. I would also recommend placing either a tabular crystal or a pink calcite on the heart center.

The next step involves playing with a particular aspect of the rainbow: complementary colors. These are opposite each other on the color wheel. They are:


Or variants, i.e., a blue-green would be the complement of a red/orange.

Blue-violet would be the complement of a yellow/orange.

A red-purple would be the complement of a yellow-green.

Choose whatever color comes spontaneously to mind for yourself, and choose the opposite color for the other person. Visualize yourself as a color and imagine the other person as a complementary color. (For purposes of this meditation, do not visualize brown, black, gray, or variations of these colors.)

Although in human relationships we often see opposite points of view as sources of conflict, in the visual arts opposite colors enhance each other's hue. Red will make the color of green seem more intense, and vice-versa.

In meditation focus on the two colors you have chosen. You can add to the power of this by choosing crystals which are these colors, and holding one in each hand).

Visualize both colors at the same time. See them blending and merging, enhancing each other's qualities. Let these colors fill you.

Do this for as long as you like. When you have finished write down the ways you are conflict with the other person and imagine how these differences could enhance each other. For example, if you and your spouse/partner disagree about discipline for your children, and you think (s)he is too lenient, allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you may be too strict and perhaps rigid.

Then have a discussion with your spouse/partner. (You may wish to have the two crystals with which you meditated present, as well as one or more rainbow crystals.) Be honest, say you realize you've been inflexible. Explain that your intention is to find a solution to your conflicts.

Allow the other person to speak without interruption. Then request that you be allowed to speak without interruption. Keep going back and forth until you've created a solution.

And you will.

For Appreciating Your Uniqueness

Sometimes we feel the light of others shines more brightly than our own. We may feel our gifts are diminished, and feel a lowering of self-esteem.

The general issue of self-esteem is too large for this article, but spending some time with a rainbow crystal can help to restore yours. Hold one in the light and turn it so that the rainbows dance and play in the light. Recognize that you, too, can be colorful and playful in the expression of your gifts.

Contemplate this: the fractures and veils in crystals are sometimes called imperfections. Yet they are the source of crystalline rainbows. Take a new look at what you consider to be your imperfections. Is it possible they're your greatest gifts?

For Manifesting Your Dreams and Visions

This is a continuation of the previous meditation for self-appreciation. As you appreciate your rainbow self imagine what you would like to create with your gifts. (It is sometimes wise to focus on one thing at a time.)

Rainbows, as multi-colored manifestations of pure light, express the source of all creativity. You can work with rainbow energy to empower that which you would like to create in your life.

Say you want to attract to yourself a new relationship or recreate your current one. Imagine that you're a painter working with a selection of vivid colors. Paint in your mind the ideal setting. It may be a mountain meadow with brilliant wildflowers; it may be a sunset on a tropical beach or garden. It would do no harm to visualize a rainbow arching through the sky.

It doesn't have to be a place you actually choose to go to (although if anyone does this and ends up on the beach in Hawaii or some other wonderful place, I would certainly like to hear about it). What is important is your ability to vividly imagine the colors.

If this is difficult for you. you may wish to choose an actual scene from a magazine (or the Internet; there are many beautiful photographic sites). Look at this scene while you meditate. Imagine how these colors feel, and imagine them flowing through you.

Make this scene as vivid as you possibly can; then put yourself and your ideal partner (whether present or future) in the picture. Imagine whatever emotions you choose to experience: contentment, excitement, harmony.

For World Peace and Harmony

This is one of my favorite meditations. To do it, I hold a rainbow crystal, and shift into a relaxed, meditative state. I then visualize the earth surrounded with a rainbow aura, and imagine these colors permeating every bit of the world's surface and penetrating deep into its center.

If I am focusing on a particular trouble spot in the world I focus my energy there and imagine strongly glowing colors saturating that area.

Cherish your rainbow crystal. There may not be a pot of gold at the end of it, but it can lead you to great happiness, harmony, and peace.

I would like to thank the rainbow smoky quartz point which directed the course of this article.

The ability to be grounded is very important to people who want to develop their spirituality, explore the many dimensions of existence, and make their dreams come true in physical reality. The essence of grounding isn't a simple matter of being organized, functioning well in the mundane areas of life, or a question of how close one's feet are to the earth. To be grounded entails drawing on the energies of both the material and the spiritual dimensions.

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