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Smoky Quartz:
Grounded in the Light

All the brown, black, and gray stones: black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, onyx (among others) are considered to have grounding qualities, with each having a unique relationship to the earth connection. Smoky quartz, clear quartz that has been naturally irradiated over millions of years, lightly grounds while keeping one's connection to spirit strong.

This stone comes in various translucent shades of brown. Because of its clarity it's considered to be capable of channeling the white light of the crown chakra (represented by the top of the head) into the first chakra (base of spine, legs, feet) to help root an individual in the physical plane. In this way it has the unique ability to blend spirit and matter, a gift that helps to bring light to our earthly journeys.

How It Helps

General Meditation

Unless you're specifically seeking an out-of-body experience-and even then, it's helpful to have an anchor to the physical-smoky quartz can aid you in meditation by helping your physical body and your mind to become calm, relaxed and focused.

I briefly describe several meditations below. You can easily customize or expand them for your personal purposes.

Gathering the Scattered Fragments

In general terms, when you feel off-balance, exhausted, scattered, or in any way unable to get a grip on physical reality, reach for smoky quartz. Hold it for a few minutes, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Keep your feet firmly on the ground and imagine earth energy pouring into them. Take a moment to think of one thing about being in a physical body that you really enjoy. Focus on this, opening all of your senses to experience.

If you enjoy planting flower bulbs, feel the crumbly dirt and the papery texture of the bulb. Hear birds singing in the backcground. Appreciate the fresh air.

You may find it helpful to make a list of physical experiences you enjoy and practice them in a similar manner. Then, the next time you're feeling ungrounded, pull up an experience from your memory file and appreciate it anew.

Smoky quartz can be useful in any meditation because it can help to prevent scattered thoughts, thus aiding in focus.

Discouragement and Depression

Because of its light-infusing characteristics, smoky quartz can quite literally make one happy to be alive. People often use it when they are feeling depressed, worn out, or who feel unable to realize their dreams.

It can also help when you feel that all you've done brings you no closer to your goals and you become discouraged. In many cases the problem is that you're taking action without first becoming vibrationally/emotionally receptive to the realization of your dreams.

It can work like this: Someone says, "I'd really like to have enough money to pay my bills. I'm going to get a part-time job in addition to my regular one. I'm going to cut out expenses." These sound like useful actions. Suppose, though, that the person is saying to himself, "I've never had enough money. I'll never make enough to pay these bills. I have way too many bills. I'll end up having to declare bankruptcy."? The energy of his negative thoughts and emotions will overpower the effects of any actions he takes. He'll get more bills. His job situation won't work out. He'll be so tired and worn out that positive thought will seem beyond him.

In such a situation, it's hard to return overnight to simple trust that the universe is a friendly place that wants you to have all you desire. You can make that transition by meditating with smoky quartz. Sit or lie down holding a tumbled stone or other form of this crystal. Imagine its energy drawing in spiritual, creating energy. Feel it dissolving the heaviness in your own body/spirit.

I recommend imagining this energy coming first through the crown of your head and then descending through your body. You may want to place the stone for a few minutes on any area of your body that feels heavy. Imagine the heaviness slowly dissipating.

Don't set a time limit, either per session or in terms of how many times you do this meditation. Do it until you feel discouragement lifting.

The same meditation can be used for depression. Please bear in mind that depression, especially if it's habitual, can take longer to lift. A brief bout of depression will lift much more easily, especially if you begin working with smoky quartz right away.

Once you've experienced even a small lifting of depression, you can go on to look at and dissolve the beliefs that hold these negative emotional states in place. The next section describes how to do this.

Note: Companion flower essences for these conditions are Gentian (Bach) for discouragement, Sweet Chestnut (Bach) for a feeling of hopelessness, and Mustard (Bach) for depression of unknown cause.

Waste Disposal

The negative thoughts I listed above are examples of old beliefs, accompanied and strengthened by emotion, that prevent us from experiencing life fully. Smoky quartz has the particular gift of helping one release these beliefs. This stone helps us to process and release that which is no longer needed. As we release these blockages, we find that we have more space in which to grow.

As discouragement or depression begin to lift, you can begin to examine your negative beliefs. A good way to bring them out of hiding is to think of something you want.

I recommend writing it down, either on paper, or in a computer file. Once you've written it down, look at it. Imagine yourself having it.

Then let all the arguments against the possibility of your ever having it surface. Write them down, too. Look at them. As you do so, tell yourself that these beliefs aren't reality. They're simply habits of thought that you've developed without questioning them.

You may not immediately be convinced that these are only beliefs. Probably, you've had them so long that they feel like reality. It would be as if you were in a boat and kept trying to sail away, never knowing that an invisible anchor kept you in place. That anchor may be temporarily real, but it can be pulled up.

You can help to release the anchors of negative beliefs through meditation with smoky quartz. If you have several smoky quartz stones, place one near the crown chakra, one on the forehead, one on the heart, and two at the base of your feet. Inhale and exhale deeply. Imagine the energy of this stone flowing through you. Repeat the movement of energy described in the first meditation, but this time be more specific.

Say to yourself, "I ask that the beliefs that hold me back be released." Ask for inspiration regarding the accomplishment of the changes you seek.

Another way to do this meditation is to hold smoky quartz in one hand and clear quartz in the other. Focus on the balance of light and dark. Tell yourself that the lack of what you want makes your desire stronger by providing contrast, just as the smoky quartz makes the clear quartz seem even brighter. Then tell yourself you're ready to let go of the feeling of lack.

Smoky Quartz and Self-Esteem

As discouragement and depression lift and negative beliefs dissipate, you're ready for a third stage of using smoky quartz: to infuse self-esteem and pride. Using smoky quartz in any way that inspires you, breathe in its energy, feeling it spread through you. Feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter.

Enjoy being in your body. Imagine what you'd like to have and tell yourself that you deserve it as fully and naturally as a crystal deserves to sparkle or a flower to have vivid colors or a bird to sing. You deserve because you're part of the earth and are fully entitled to all the good things it has to give.

Technical/Historical Notes

Locations: You can find smoky quartz Brazil, the U.S., Switzerland, Scotland, and other locations. Brazilian smoky quartz often has almost a golden tone to it that makes it resemble citrine. Swiss smoky quartz has a milk chocolate (though translucent) hue. It looks edible, and its surface is often very smooth and almost silky.

In Scotland smoky quartz is called cairngorm, and it is found in the Cairngorm mountains in the Highlands.

In Switzerland smoky quartz is considered a protective stone, and people to this day wear crucifixes carved of this crystal.

Warning: Often less-than-scrupulous people irradiate clear quartz and call it smoky. If you remember the beginning of the article, I said that the sun does the same thing. The difference is that the sun does it over millions of years, and humans do it much faster. The result is a blackish looking crystal or cluster. If you compare a humanly irradiated smoky quartz and a natural one, the differences will be obvious. If you hold them, it will become even more clear.

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