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Earth Energies
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The element of earth relates to our direct, sensory experience of physical existence and the physical universe. That experience is practical and tangible, i.e., not obscured in any way by interpretation, abstract ideas, or philosophical opinions.

People with strong Earth in their astrological charts and personalities,likewise tend to be very direct and practical in their approach to life. The phrase, "Seeing is believing" applies to them. They tend to trust what they can perceive with their physical senses and to understand the laws and limitations of physical existence to a much greater degree than the other signs.

Earth people don't need grounding or lessons in how to manifest. They can make things happen. If they want something and believe it's possible (within physical law) to have, they will effectively and efficiently go about the steps to bring it into being.

Their limitations relate to how much they believe is possible. They often don't see that the possibilities that operate beyond the limitations of the earth plane. They are the least likely people to believe in miracles or any occurrence that defies the awareness of their physical senses. Thus, while their record for bringing dreams to realization is impressive, their dreams may not be as big or as bold as those of others.

Often they need the inspiration of fire. The passionate energy of ruby or the softer fire of garnet can help to heat up their spirits. Sunny citrine can help brighten their sometimes somber temperaments and remind them that the earth isn't the only planet in the solar system. The sparkle of pyrite can spark their own imagination.

Their reluctance to trust beyond the limits of physical reality and to suppress their own innate connection to nonphysical Source can make them fearful of the unknown. Stones related to intuitive aspects of mind, especially those for the sixth chakra, can benefit them here. Azurite and sodalite can reveal limiting beliefs; while charoite can bring fear to the surface and dissolve it.

Earth people's deeply practical tendencies also leads them to ignore emotional realities. For example, they may devise efficient programs for getting things done without taking into account their own or others' emotional capacities to fulfill these schedules. Emerald and aquamarine can deepen their compassion; while green calcite can ease them into awareness of other realities.

Taurus: Sinking Roots
(April 21-May 20)

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, representing an early stage of selfhood. The preceding sign, Aries, dashes about, alive with the joy of self-expression. Taurus, fertile as the earth itself, absorbs and shapes Aries energy so that it may produce physical growth.

Taurus is probably the earthiest of the earth signs. Not only are Taureans the most grounded of all signs, but they also have a great appreciation and enjoyment of the sensory and sensual physical existence. This sign rules the throat, and Taurus sometimes remind me of a bird singing in the dawn of the new day, sounding its joy at being alive.

No one could tell that bird what life is about, and a Taurean will likely resist the suggestions of others about how to do things. In fact, such suggestions will probably make them place their heels ever more firmly on their chosen path.

They prefers to learn from direct experience. Sometimes this isn't the fastest way to accomplish a task, but slow and methodical Taurus will get it done.

More than any of the earth signs, they are reluctant to believe in nonphysical realities. They function so well and are so comfortable in the physical plane that they almost don't need the complication of other planes. However, all beings need a spiritual connection, and the enlightened Taurus can be one of the most powerful creators in physical existence.

Crystal Connections

Crystals can lure a Taurus into spiritual pursuits. Being very much of the earth and physically beautiful, gems arouse the sensual and beauty-loving aspects of this sign. Because the more physically sensitive Taureans will be able to feel crystalline vibrations, they will be receptive to the nonphysical implications of crystal power.

A good starting place is the Taurus birthstone, emerald. A stone to balance heart energies and awaken compassion, Emerald can help a Taurean to see beyond the world of the material, to appreciate those things of beauty which can be neither measured nor touched.

Taureans, like most people, will be drawn to the beauty of amethyst. This is one of the most basic meditation crystals, helping us to relax and release stress. It's the ideal beginning crystal for those who are ready to begin a spiritual journey.

Since Taurus rules the throat, this may be a vulnerable area, either physically or on the level of communication and creativity. Taureans also may have singing gifts, bug end up overusing their voices and throats. Fifth-chakra crystals can be of benefit to them.

Chrysocolla can have a soothing, calming effect on the throat center. In conjunction with amethyst, it can deepen a feeling of calmness and peace.

Often, when communications have been withheld a charge of anger accumulates, and the longer the communication is suppressed the greater the anger. Taurus is characteristically slow to anger, but once they do get angry, everyone else should run for cover. Blue lace agate can help one to express anger or any strong emotion before it reaches the explosive point.

The Essential Taurus

Taureans are as likely to love flowers as crystals, and they may respond to the subtle vibrations of flower and other essences.

Aspen (Bach) is my favorite choice for a Taurus essence. Because they are so firmly focused on the earth plane and resistant to nonphysical energies, they often feel anxious and fearful about evidence of other realities. Since Aspen is for unknown fears, i.e., vague, intangible fears or fear of the unknown, it's very helpful in easing those fears. Taking Aspen can help Taurus feel more comfortable about exploring nonphysical reality.

Lotus (FES) is a good choice in terms of gently opening up spirituality. With the Lotus essence, this process is an unfolding process, one that can smoothly and softly open Taurus to other dimensions.

Virgo: To Serve
August 21-September 20

If the keyword for Leo, the sign before Virgo, is "I," for Virgos, it's "You." As Leo glories in itself, Virgo looks at the world and tries to figure out how to come to terms with it.

The method a Virgoan tends to use for dealing with physical existence is efficiency. This sign evaluates the tools available in the world and uses them to create an orderly and dependable relationship with it. In school, for example, a Virgo will carefully study the rules and follow them in the belief that this will make her life easier (unlike a Fire sign, who might rebel against rules in the belief that they would restrict his freedom. )

This can make Virgos more conforming than other signs. It also can make them meticulous to the point of perfectionism. A Virgo might weep over a missing comma or misspelled word.

There is much to be said for people who have high performance standards and a love of exactness. However, this character trait is overdone when failure to meet these standards leads to severe self-criticism and punishment. Often when Virgos fail to meet their own high standards, they give up completely.

The other difficulty for this sign is that in their concentration on details they often miss the big picture. In judging themselves by their mistakes, they lose sight of their soul essence. They need to lift their eyes from the earth and touch the heavens.

Virgo's Essence

Because Virgos represent a turn away from the Leonine ego, they often behave in self-sacrificing ways, in service to others. This may be one's highest purpose in life, provided that the choice has been consciously and deliberately made. Often, though, it is inspired by a feeling of being unworthy. Virgo, judging its imperfections, can fit into this category.

Virgos, like the Centaury (Bach) personality, are also often gentle, easy-going people who don't look for lots of praise or ego stroking. They may give themselves little opportunity to explore either their personal needs or their larger purpose in being here. If they've gotten idea that one of the rules of life is to sacrifice one's needs for those of others, they will obey.

Centaury can help them to consider their own needs and the larger picture of their place in life. Like Cinderella, they may find the right shoes to lead them on the path of a powerful and fulfilling destiny.

Virgos may also tend to be somewhat too serious. Laughter and lightheartedness are healing, and some good essences to inspire that are Otter and Dolphin (Wild Earth Animal Essences). The playful demeanor of these animals can inspire the most sober soul to lighten up.

Sunny Stones

In the same spirit, I recommend golden stones for Virgos. One of the most cheerful crystals around is citrine. This crystal activates a balanced expression of will and individualism, and can be beneficial for those Virgos who tend to bury their sense of self.

Virgo rules the intestines, and many of them seem prone to digestive disorders. This can relate to a difficulty in digesting and assimilating life's events and in dissolving old, limiting beliefs. Citrine can help in this processing.

I also like amethyst for Virgos. Of all the spiritual awakening crystals, this is one of the most gentle in terms of unfolding. Amethyst's effects can be as gradual as a deepening sunset in shifting one's attention from the daily practical issues of life to the deeper mysteries of spirit.

Though Virgo is an earth sign, it's not as grounded as Taurus and Capricorn. The sometimes excessive attention to detail can be an attempt to compensate for this. Smoky quartz can provide some light grounding to release the need for "pickiness."

Virgo is also the Virgin and sometimes is a little more prim than necessary. Garnet can quietly open a feeling of passion.

Capricorn: Climbing the Mountain
December 21-January 20

Whereas Virgo handles the world by paying attention to details, Capricorn is home in its social milieu. This sign also plays by the rules of the external world, but it 's only willing to accept those rules which make practical sense.

The Capricorn willingness to work within laws that work for them help to make them leaders in government and business. The symbol for this sign is the mountain goat. Imagine a goat plodding slowly but surely to the mountaintop, its sensitive hooves testing the mountainside for the best path to follow, and you have a picture of how this sign rises to success.

One of this sign's greatest challenge is learning how to play. It is often said that this sign is born old, and it is true that often even Capricorn children lack the wholehearted exuberance about play found in other signs.

Play for its own sake is not part of the Capricorn scheme of life. If, for example, they play a sport, they might justify it as a good way to meet business contacts or necessary for their physical health. They need very much to learn to become more lighthearted and careless about life.

Like the other Earth signs, they can also benefit from being more open to nonphysical reality and spirit. Otherwise, their immense powers of leadership are in danger of becoming wholly directed to material matters.

Capricorn Crystals

The assignment of onyx as the traditional birthstone for this sign refers to Capricorn's rulership of the knees and skeletal structure. This stone helps to strengthen these areas.

Garnet, another birthstone, can open the sometimes-dormant sensuality and romantic impulses of this sign. Though bold in business, Capricorns may be shy in personal relationships. Garnet can encourage them.

As for Taurus, amethyst can gently awaken a Capricorn's spiritual awareness.

Rutilated quartz helps to give a little bit of buzz and energy to the Goat's cautious plodding to the mountain peak. Capricorns will always reach the top, but they might as well enjoy the journey.

Capricorn Essences

Like Capricorns, the Gentian (Bach) personality is firmly rooted in the physical world, trusting the evidence of his senses and reason. If the Gentian person has a religious practice, it's almost certain to be one dictated by upbringing and cultural background, with nothing "out there" involved.

Gentian people are always looking for answers, but because they won't look beyond the physical world or their immediate perceptions, they often get discouraging answers. They need a sense of themselves as part of a greater reality, a feeling of faith and trust. The Gentian flower essence can provide this deeper sense.

I would also recommend for Capricorn the same Wild Earth Animal Essences I suggested for Virgos: Otter and Dolphin. Both these animals are strongly associated with water and flow, which is especially good for earth signs.

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