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Whenever I prepare for a vacation by packing sufficient clothing, books, and other supplies sufficient for a world cruise I find myself adding anxiety and unease to my baggage.

I'm a supreme homebody, taking delight in familiar environments which are alive with my vibrations (and comfort me with familiar routines). I like waking up in the morning, knowing where I am and what language will be spoken.

Yet I also hunger to expand the scope of my physical environment, which often enhances my ability to explore new psychic and spiritual dimensions. So, from time to time, I travel, and find that the stimulation of new sights, the experience of how other people live their lives, and the magic of not knowing exactly what each new day will bring opens up new dimensions of my inner being.

I've discovered that taking crystals with me on my trips has not only helped to ease my traveling traumas, but assisted me in making my vacations both inner and outer journeys.

Have Crystals, Will Travel

I prepare for my trip by programming a stay-at-home crystal for an easy and pleasant journey. The article on programming at will help you with the general principles. For the specifics of travel programming, I usually write down everything I'm worried will go wrong (making plane connections, the luggage getting lost, finding the place where I'll be staying„some locations have been very remote)„and anything else I may happen to think of.

It can be helpful to program two crystals for this purpose, one to stay at home, and one to take with you.

Friendly Skies

When ground is many thousands of feet below fearful fliers they may find holding a grounding stone helpful. Smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite, tiger's eye, and red jasper will strengthen your connection to the earth which, while not close, is still there. They can also help you remember that the universe is a safe place.

Frantic fliers may also benefit from rhodochrosite, which helps to relieve anxiety by promoting full, deep breathing. (Yes, there's still oxygen in the cabin.) Aquamarine may relieve the nose and ear difficulties which some travelers experience.

While waiting on lines, either for check-in or Customs, keep a rhodonite handy. This stone fosters patience, and you will surely find at least one occasion to use it.

Crystal Sunlight

If your crystals are city-dwellers, they will enjoy the chance to get outside. Whenever I've vacationed in a rural environment I've put my crystals outside to soak up the sun. One day they soaked up the rain, which left them more beautiful than before.

Crystals also love water, and according to some traditions immersing a crystal in source water, i.e., rivers, streams, and the ocean, is an especially powerful way to clear them and charge them with energy. They will especially benefit from a long soak in sea water.

If you plan to be visiting a power spot you may also want to bring particular crystals to charge for spiritual work. I've charged my crystals at Stonehenge, in Glastonbury, at the Hill of Tara in Ireland, and in Newgrange, a passage grave older than the Pyramids.

I have also found it wise to be aware of nature spirits (elves, fairies, etc.) and Goddesses. The first time I climbed the mountain Knockneara in Co. Sligo, Ireland I knew that there was a cairn on top which was sacred to Maeve, Queen of Faery, but I didn't think about it much. I had a wet, slippery climb, sprained my thumb, and snuck back to my hotel, covered from head to feet with mud.

The second time I knew better. I brought quantities of tumbled rose quartz, some of which I planned to charge and give to friends, some as an offering to Maeve. The day was sunny, and I had an invigorating and easy climb. At the top of the mountain I buried the crystals at the base of the cairn.

Returning to the Source

Many people make a practice of planting crystals where the earth has been injured, i.e., by strip-mining or excessive deforestation. I took this process a step further by planting crystals in Ireland one summer. Each time I planted them in the earth, the sea, lakes (and the grave site of the poet W.B. Yeats), I visualized Ireland as a land of peace and prosperity.

An unexpected benefit of this is that my memories of specific places I visited is much more vivid than of other locations„as if, through the crystals I remain connected to their present homes.

Travels with Flowers

I also strongly recommend taking flower essences on the journey. Rescue Remedy is the basic choice. It contains Impatiens for impatience, which could help with those long airport lines; Clematis for ungroundedness; Rock Rose for terror, Star of Bethlehem for shock (including culture shock), and Cherry Plum for losing control. The last Remedy is particularly valuable for those who swear before they leave that they won't return from their vacations ten pounds heavier, and forget this resolution during their first holiday meal.

Other useful Remedies could include Olive (Bach) for exhaustion, Chamomile (FES) for nervous or upset stomachs, Scleranthus (Bach) for those who get airsick or seasick, Pine (Bach), for feeling guilty about having a good time when you should really be back in the office working, Mimulus (Bach), for the various known fears which surface while in unfamiliar surroundings, and Aspen (Bach) for any unknown ones.

Essential Oils

Unless you travel in a manner which makes my mountainous pile of luggage look like a small overnight case you won't be taking oil diffusers or burners with you. You can still benefit from taking essential oils, though.

The evergreen fragrances of cedar and juniper may be comforting while you're in flight, and chamomile is calming. Shake a few drops on a tissue and inhale, (this also provides pleasant relief from stale flight cabin air) or rub on your wrists and temples.

Chamomile, lavender, and bergamot (or any of your favorite calming oils) are an essential part of a relaxing bath. I've found them especially helpful when I have jet lag, am several hours ahead of or behind my usual timeframe, and have been up for so long that I have gone well beyond the outer limits of tiredness.

Psychic Cleaning

If you stay in commercial lodgings on your vacation it's a good idea to smudge the premises in order to clear out the vibrations of all previous tenants. If you plan to go to another country with a smudge stick, I recommend taking it in an unopened package, just in case you encounter a curious or zealous customs inspectors. Thus, it will be clear that you are carrying a perfectly legal product.

Other practical notes: Crystals and essential oils bottles should be wrapped very carefully. If you've seen how casually baggage is hurled around you don't need to ask why.

Flower essences can be affected by the X-ray equipment used to scan luggage. I keep mine in a transparent bag in a piece of carry-on luggage, and hand it to the X-ray guardian to pass through.

Have a wonderful time on your vacation, and don't forget to send us a postcard.

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