Let's Talk About Me:
My Background and What It Means to You

I love working with a client to discover what will best help them live fuller and more rewarding lives. And I am constantly amazed at how easily EFT helps in the unfolding of an individual's capacity for growth and joy.

Like many of you, I spent time in various forms of psychotherapy. I'll never say those years (or dollars) were wasted. I gained many insights and improved important relationships. In the end, though, I concluded that the process was too lengthy, too expensive, and sometimes too painful.

When I finally got up from the couch, I decided I wanted to find methods that worked more quickly and easily. Most important of all, I was looking for methods that I could also teach to others.

My EFT Background

In 2002 I began working personally with EFT. In 2007, inspired by my success in releasing major emotional issues, I decided to study and train so that I could share the gift of EFT with others.

I have completed the basic and advanced levels of the EFT training course designed by Dr. Patricia Carrington. I have also studied all of the video courses designed by Gary Craig, founder of EFT.

I make it a practice to devote part of each day to ongoing exploration of EFT.

How I Got Here:
My Background in Counseling
And Vibrational Healing

I began my spiritual search in 1980 with Silva Mind Method, studying astrology, and, most importantly, the Seth material. This helped me realize I had much more power to determine my life than I'd previously imagined.

In 1987 I began to explore the world of crystals extensively and opened a crystals store in Greenwich Village (New York City). Via Crystal Gardens, I gave informal consultations and taught classes in the use of crystals.

In 1990 I discovered the Bach Flower Remedies. I literally fell in love with them, because they fulfilled all the standards I'd wanted for a therapeutic method. After intensive study, I began to give consultations, and I found that the results were as exciting for my clients as they were for me. I broadened my knowledge by studying FES (Flower Essence Society) and Wild Earth Animal Essences.

After establishing Beyond the Rainbow on the Internet, I expanded my practice with mail and email consultations. This enabled me to meet clients around the world, an experience I thoroughly enjoy.

I also began to give online workshops, which further deepened my awareness of the remarkable effects of essences.

In 2005 I wrote a Bach Flower Remedies course, which has helped hundreds of people to study the Remedies on their own.

I contribute regularly to Vibration, a popular online magazine about vibrational essences, and my articles have been reprinted in many online publications.

In 1992 I became a Reiki master, and I have given workshops for hundreds of students.

My Approach to EFT:
The Abraham Material

I believe potential clients have the right to know their practitioner's belief system. Like many EFT practitioners, I find my inspiration and guidelines for growth and joy in the Abraham material. Abraham originated the phrase, "Law of Attraction." In the Abraham philosophy, every living thing has within it a guidance system that is directly connected to the source of all life, which is love and harmony.

Whether or not we're connected to our guidance systems, we will attract that on which we focus. However, when we are in tune with this energy, we can consciously attract to ourselves those things and situations we most desire. The more we are disconnected, the more we attract to ourselves that which we fear and resist.

You can find a wealth of material on this subject at the Abraham website.

The focus of EFT is on dissolving energy disruptions that have programmed us to react in a particular way. This programming prevents us from being connected to our guidance system and choosing those responses that will further our goals. Energy disruptions ensure that the Law of Attraction will give us more fear, anxiety, anger, or despair.

My work is to help you discover these energy disruptions/blockages, to dissolve them, and to have the freedom to make conscious choices about your life.

My Invitation to You

The resources you need to turn your life in the direction you choose are within you. My work is to help you discover these resources and how to use them. I would love to be of assistance. You can order a consultation here.

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