Do It Yourself?
Or With a Guide?

From the beginning of my professional involvement with vibrational techniques, we've been drawn toward methods that could be practiced by anyone: crystals, essences, and Reiki. We soon learned, though, that anyone who seeks to learn any of the above can benefit from the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

It's the same with EFT. EFT Universe has a wealth of information for both newcomers and experts. We recommend visiting it and that you to download the free manual, buy at least the basic DVD series, and practice tapping.

If you do choose to explore the consultation route, a basic understanding of EFT will help you to benefit much more from the process. If you select either Connie or Joyce as your coach, we will give you homework assignments after or between sessions so that you can both become more familiar with the process and make gains on your own.

One or more EFT consultations may be a good idea for the following reasons:

1. EFT is new for you.

You'd like to learn some of the techniques that make this process more effective: identifying core beliefs, getting to the source of your issue, choosing the most powerful wording. I can guide you through the process so that you become competent and comfortable with doing EFT on your own.

2. You've been doing EFT, but it doesn't seem to be working.

We get used to the way our minds work, and our emotional responses can become habitual. These factors make it hard to see where we've gotten off track.

Everyone has unique filters through which they view, interpret, and respond to their life experiences. One person with an alcoholic father might think that anyone with that experience would naturally gag at the smell of liquor. Another person might think it was usual-and sensible-to hide in the closet when an alcoholic bout of violence was in progress and to, in the future, hide either physically or emotionally when someone started shouting.

A counselor can recognize beliefs, emotions, and behavior patterns that you've completely absorbed as "normal."

3. You're Afraid of what Change Might Mean.

The ways we've chosen to handle traumas and unpleasant incidents from the past become habitual and sometimes addictive. We may know they're not serving us, but we're afraid to abandon them because they're all we know.

An experienced practitioner can help you release your hold on the outgrown habits and choose to think and act in a way that matches who you really are. the individual.

4. You've been doing EFT on your own, and you've come to an issue you can't unravel by yourself.

Maybe you feel you can go further with a guide. Maybe you think you can do the work with less pain. In either case, you're probably right.

5. Sometimes self-esteem issues affect your ability to get results.

You might not feel capable of doing EFT on your own. If self-esteem is a big issue for you, you may need some help in releasing the associated energy disruption. Once you've restored your self-esteem, you can use EFT with greater confidence.

6. You're ready for a big change in your life, and you'd like guidance for the journey.

Having a coach can keep you on track. It can be very valuable to check in regularly with a mentor who will encourage you and help you through the rough spots.

In summary, sometimes issues are complex. EFT practitioners are trained to look for core emotional issues and to guide you through the stages of dissolving them. This never involves pushing you where you don't want to go. Instead, a practitioner will help you reduce and eliminate pain and negative emotions as they occur. The purpose is to do away with suffering, not to increase it.

Remember, EFT isn't a long, drawn-out process. I don't promise that one session will handle everything, but my goal is to make the journey both rapid and as painless as possible

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