The Crystalline Connection

When I discovered crystals a number of years ago my life changed. Though I'd been exploring metaphysics for many years prior to this discovery working with crystals gave us a newfound clarity on the purpose of our lives. This purpose was simple; we were going to share our discoveries with the world. See How to Play with Crystals to learn how crystals cooperated with our desire.

(A Note: For the sake of simplicity we use the words "" and "" as generic terms which covers stones which may be in their natural formation, tumble-polished, transparent or opaque.)

How Crystals Play

In crystal books you may read a number of reasons for their positive effects. Authorities cite crystals; harmonizing vibrations, the relationship of crystals to the chakras, ancient lore from Atlantis, and other causes. These subjects will be covered here, but you don't have to believe a word we say in order to benefit from being around crystals, for simply experiencing their beauty has positive results.

The sight of them appeals to and reawakens our senses, both physical awareness and a sense of wonder. Many of our customers, though indifferent to what might be called metaphysics, have picked up a crystal and said, "Isn't it a miracle that there's such beauty hidden inside the earth?"

If crystals captivate you in this way you may want to go a step further and find out what they have to teach you.

Getting Light

One of their gifts is to challenge our ideas about the nature of energy. Presumably the most dense of material forms, they vibrate at a very high frequency. This can be inspiring to those of us who sometimes feel stuck in our own dense bodies, and crystals can impart a feeling of lightness to our physical forms.

Crystals work in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy. Imagine for a moment how heavy you feel when you' depressed. Now, translate this to an energetic level by imagine how slow and dense your energy is at such times. The high vibration of crystals raises the vibrations of other life forms in their vicinity. Thus, if you' feeling depressed and hold amber, citrine, or a Herkimer diamond, the energy of these stones charges your aura and can help to lift your own vibrational frequency above the level of depression.

That is, if we want to be lifted. Sometimes we think we don't want to be depressed, but on a deeper level depression may serve the useful function of keeping us from having to make decisions about our lives, being nice to people to whom we'd rather not be nice, or even having to get out of bed. In such cases we need crystals which will vibrate through these resistances.

On a deeper level still, frequent or habitual depression may, like other unwelcome feelings, be acting as a wake-up call which won' stop ringing until it's answered. Then it's time to reach for the crystals which amplify and clarify the meaning of this persistent message.

In essence, crystals work with our deepest intentions and help to make them clear to us. They are invaluable aids to focus and concentration, emotional balance, meditation, and spiritual journeying.

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