EFT and Crystals

My first experiences with vibrational healing came to me via crystals.

Initially, I discovered that when I placed crystals on various chakra points, I found meditation much easier. This discovery led me to write a course, also available as an ebook, called Crystals and the Chakras.

Next, I learned that programming crystals for specific intentions helped to bring them into manifestation.

When I opened a shop in Greenwich Village, crystals became part of my professional as well as my personal life. I had access to the stories of countless customers, and sharing crystal tales was one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work. I shared these stories in a newsletter I've been writing since 1987.

Discovering EFT

As I began to experiment with this new vibrational method, I explored ways to integrate it with the methods I already used. I've discovered a number of ways in which working with crystals can enhance working with EFT.

Sensory Enhancement

Crystals are among nature's most beautiful gifts to us. The vivid greens of emerald, chrysoprase, and tourmaline can have an emotionally soothing effect; while ruby and garnet's vivid reds are stimulating. Each color has a special energy that helps to balance and align our own energies. When we are open to the experience, we find the presence of crystals uplifting.

The often-amazing patterns of crystals such as rhodochrosite, tiger's eye, and sodalite (among many others) indicates that nature itself has a pattern and innate intelligence. This can remind us that our own thoughts and behaviors, though sometimes mystifying to us, also have intelligence. When we focus on discovering the patterns that we've created in our lives, we become able to change those patterns consciously into designs that please us more.

In doing EFT, we are doing detective work. In order to collapse a fixed way of being ("I've always been afraid of spiders;" "I don't know why, but the sight of a large body of water terrifies me"; "I hear her voice, and I become uncontrollably angry"), we need to be acutely aware of our emotional and physical responses.

This is especially helpful with beliefs. In EFT, we speak of "the writing on the walls." These are the ideas and beliefs others have given us. Usually we acquire them as children, consuming them in a way far less conscious than how we eat the food on our plates-for as children, we may know we don't really like what's available, but often we must eat it or go hungry.

Our appetite or distaste for ideas and beliefs, often presented as facts of life, is less well developed. If one's father says the world is a hard place and you never get appreciation, the child who hears this hasn't been out in the world enough to compare that belief to her experiences or to competing beliefs.

The more developed our sensory and emotional responses are, the better able we are to answer the question, "Does that belief feel good?" I have learned that I hardly have a belief that does not need the challenge of that question. The more I ask, usually by using EFT, the more writing gets erased from my walls.

EFT, Crystals, and Intention

Sometimes we need to coax those beliefs out of hiding, and there may be no better way than to state a positive intention, or affirmation.

From the beginning of my professional involvement with crystals, I've taught how to program crystals for specific intentions. I describe this technique and the method I use to design and use affirmations in a separate article, linked below.

In brief, the method involves holding a crystal and thinking and/or speaking an affirmation, with the idea that the energy of the thought will become part of the crystal. The great thing about an affirmation is that often, the moment you think/speak it, you will begin to think of all the reasons it isn't true and never will be.

All my financial needs are met.

Oh, really? Have you seen this pile of bills? Do you read the newspapers or watch the news? Do you have any idea of the financial mess this country is in? Only the rich people are having their needs met. Maybe I should go before Congress, but they're all crooked, too. You can't trust a politician, and you can't trust a rich person. They don't care a thing about people like me.

This is rich material for tapping. In the article linked below, I make some suggestions for working with beliefs about money through EFT.

I believe that while one is holding or in the presence of a crystal, especially clear quartz, honesty is encouraged, while self-deception is discouraged. I cannot say, "All my financial needs are met" while holding a crystal and successfully pretend I believe it. It doesn't feel good. This may be because the steady and balanced energy of crystals highlights all that is unsteady and unbalanced in our human energy systems.

Facing what I believe may not feel much better, but it's an improvement that can bring into range the recognition that it's just a belief, and beliefs can be changed. EFT makes the process of change ever so much easier.

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Crystals and the Chakras A description of a comprehensive course I've been giving since the mid-1990s.

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