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Bach Flower Remedy Course

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies: Level I

Instructor: Connie Barrett, Beyond the Rainbow co-owner,
Bach Flower Remedy practitioner since 1990,
Frequent contributor to Vibrations, and writer and editor of Rainbow Reflections and Living with Crystals.

Bach Flower Remedies: A User-Friendly Course

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"There were many things I liked very much about your course. Firstly, it's great value for money. It's also nice to know that further guidance is available, if required. The course materials are first rate! The combination of regular, manageable questions with intriguing learning activities makes the learning fun. Best of all are the very real characters, who bring the remedies to life, and make them so much easier to remember. Bach himself would be pleased with the way you've interpreted the spirit of his teachings!"

--Jim Small, U.K.

Summary of Course

After a year of teaching about Bach Flower Remedies online with supplementary written materials, I designed a course with more flexibility and much more material. Because certain components are optional, including the choice of mentoring, I can deliver the basic course for an affordable $60.

The course is suitable for people at any level of experience with Bach Flower Remedies or other essences.

The basic course includes a 71,000-word book, containing the following:

The study book, in Microsoft Word format, will be delivered by email.

See a detailed table of contents.

See a sample section.

Certification information

The course is self-paced, and I recommend spending at least two weeks on each of the sections about Remedy groups. When you complete the course, you will choose, with the help of a consultation form, up to three Bach Flower Remedies for yourself. You'll send me your choices, the form, and an explanation for your choices. I will evaluate and comment on your choices.

Cost: $60

Optional Additions

Many people have requested a mentored course, i.e., in which they can get substantial feed back while taking the course. Others have requested formal postgraduate assistance.

I strongly want to encourage those who wish to go into the material more deeply and to give guidance to those who would like to work with others in recommending Bach Flower Remedies.

In reviewing the kinds of mentored versus unmentored courses other teachers give, I've noticed a large discrepancy in cost between the unmentored and the mentored version. I chose instead to create a number of levels, so that people could choose the amount of guidance they want.

In a mentoring session, which can be conducted by email, by phone, or in a chat room, you can either ask questions about Bach Flower Remedies that may not be covered in the material or get clarification on the course material. The cost is $30 per 1/2-hour session.

You may request a mentoring session at any point during your study of the course materials.

Levels of Mentoring

Initial Mini-Consultation: $10 (Available only with registration for course)

When you begin the course, I will send you a consultation form. When you return it, I will choose one (occasionally two) Bach Flower Remedy for you.

To discover the effect that one or two remedies can have, please read this testimonial from someone who had the mini-consultation and took the course.

Mentoring Sessions (half-hour): $30 each.

Postgraduate Consultations: $25 each

This will give you an additional opportunity to test out your knowledge and understanding of Bach Flower Remedies. You will give another person the consultation form and have them fill it out. Upon receiving it, you'll choose up to three Bach Flower Remedies for them and write an explanation for your choices. I will evaluate this and send you my comments.


Diplomas are $5, with additional shipping costs to be added if shipped outside the U.S. I will inform you of the shipping costs in advance.

You may use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, eCheck, and your existing PayPal account.

Please note, your PayPal receipt will note that you have made a payment to eftconsultations.com.

For people not familiar with PayPal: I consider this to be the most secure payment method available. If you'd like to learn more about how Paypal protects your information, please go here

You may also pay by check or money order. Please make your check or money order payable to Constance Sohodski and send to PO Box 110, Ruby, NY 12475, USA.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

To Order

Basic Course
Initial Consultation (Available only with registration for course)
Certificate ($5 extra)

Mentoring Sessions and Consultations

Mentoring Session (1) $30
Mentoring Session (2) $50
Mentoring Session (3) $75
Mentoring Session (4) $90
Postgraduate Consultations

Please Note: A Level II Course is now available. You can read about it here

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