EFT And Essences:
Natural Harmony

Connie, your description of the remedies are some of the clearest I have ever read, and I believe that they have cleared up some fuzzy areas for me. Your writing style for this is spot on!

My decades of work with crystals, essences, and Reiki, taught me that vibrational methods tend to work well together. I didn't deliberately look for a connection between EFT and essences, though.

I hadn't been taking essences for a few months. I'd been working intensively with EFT, and it seemed to be handling any emotional issues that arose. Then I hit a rough patch on the road, and I made myself a Bach Flower Remedy mixture.

One of the Remedies in the mixture was Beech, for judgment of others. After a day of taking the mixture, I noticed that my judgment program had virtually stopped playing. This especially surprised me because I had more opportunities to judge than usual.

The second casualty in my army of negative emotions was fear. (I was taking Mimulus for known fears.) The fear I was addressing was an old-timer. I couldn't remember ever not having it. I didn't go away completely, but it got small enough that I could recognize it and turn my attention away from it. As it shrank into a bite-size package, I did EFT on it and made many useful discoveries


In my earliest days of taking Bach Flower Remedies, I got immediate results like the above.At that time, one of the decisive factors was that there was a lot of emotional material to work on. Any relief felt good.

Another factor was my huge excitement about BFR. It was opening a new world to me. I wanted it to work, and we can't underestimate the importance of inspiration and desire.

In my more recent experiences, enthusiasm was again a factor, this time for EFT (although my enthusiasm for essences is enduring). More, however, was happening. The essences were dissolving blockages, which made it easier for me to discern the emotional patterns that had short-circuited my wiring. In turn, the rebalancing effect of EFT made it easier for the essences to do their work.


This section of the web site, devoted to essences, will help those who are interested to choose the essences most appropriate for enhancing their EFT work.

Our primary focus is the Bach Flower Remedies. We have descriptions of all the 38 Remedies, plus Rescue Remedy, in both condensed and expanded formats. We also have a number of articles about essences.

If you would like to learn more about Bach Flower Remedies, please see information about my Bach Flower Remedies Course designed for distant learning. It's appropriate for anyone who'd like to be able to recommend Bach Flower Remedies for themselves and others, for non-professional or professional purposes.

I also give flower essence consultations for humans and animals, by phone and email. For more information, see the main consultation page.

Articles on Essences

Flower Essences: A General Introduction Basic information about the origins of flower essences.

Flower Essences: A Travel Guide How to use flower essences.

Flower Essences: The Healing Path Long before the ideas of law of attraction, Dr. Bach taught that one must follow one's true nature in order to be healthy and happy.

Expanded Descriptions of Individual Bach Flower Remedies

A Course on Bach Flower Remedies

Basic Overview

Descriptive Table of Contents

Sample Chapter




Go here for more information.


We have three ebooks, Crystals and the Chakras, Allow More Love in Your Life, and Think More, Work Less. Read more about them here.

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