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Here you will find a listing of articles from the EFT Newsletter. In this case "will" is very accurate, as the newsletter is newborn. However, you can expect a new article to find a home here every month or so.

About the Name and Purpose of This Newsletter

The title of the Coming Attractions newsletter refers to the "Law of Attraction." This concept first came to my attention in 1982, although not in those words, when I discovered the Seth Material, channeled by the late Jane Roberts. Seth's most notable statement on the subject was "The point of power is in the present." Wherever your vibrations are at this moment determines what you will attract to you.

In 2000 I found the Abraham teachings, channeled by Esther Hicks. Though the phrase, Law of Attraction, is now widely used, Abraham was the first to bring it into people's awareness. This is what it means to me.

In Biblical times, this concept had a simple explanation: "As you sow, so shall you reap." Don't plant onions and expect potatoes to come up.

In our more technical times, when we select Channel 4 on our televisions, we expect to see a program from that channel to appear, not one from channel 28. This principle, so easy to accept when it comes to machinery, often eludes us in our personal lives. We think that if we focus on scarcity, we can somehow create abundance. That's like waiting for the potatoes.

The Law of Attraction teaches that we get what we focus on--whether we focus on it in a positive sense, as in "I so look forward to getting my new car," or negatively, as in, "I hate, hate, hate my car."

By paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, we can have power over what comes into our lives--but often we find obstacles in the form of unexamined beliefs and habits, many of them acquired in childhood.

In my experience, EFT is one of the most powerful tools for bringing blockages to the surface and dissolving them. Thus, the intention of this newsletter is to provide regular articles on a range of issues that EFT can address.

When we get clear, the coming attractions we've hoped to view in our lives show up on the big screen.

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Coming Attraction Articles

EFT And the Law of Attraction A longer version of this article, with special emphasis on the three stages of creation.

Rebuilding Your Dreams When my publisher put my book on the back burner, I had to heat up my dreams.

When Opportunity Knocks on the Door, Do You Lock It? I didn't think I did, but I was wrong. This article includes tapping scripts to help you begin breaking down beliefs about needing to be right and to soften resistance to others' help.

Home Improvement Tapping Have you ever experienced the case of the missing repairperson. Possibly, there's a place they all go for three-week-long coffee breaks, but I discovered that tapping to release my totally justified hostility and rage brought the one I needed back to work.

Breaking the Rules Unexamined rules keep us prisoners. Learn how EFT and meridian tapping can help you break free.

Sticks and Stones Life is full of people willing to criticize you--and you're one of them. Learn how EFT tapping can turn the Inner Critic into the Inner Counselor.

Handling Stress When we identify the attitudes that can cause or increase stress, it's easier to release.

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