EFT For Emotional Freedom: Home Improvement Tapping
Home Improvement Tapping

Have you ever had a day when one bad thing happened, then another, and before too long you decided it was going to be one of those awful days that would end only when you crawled, defeated, into bed-assuming, of course, that you didn't fall up the stairs or find a hair ball on the pillow?

Although such days seem either to have a momentum of their own or seem to be directed by some really mean-spirited cosmic entity whose eye has fallen upon you, their force is one of the most dramatic and discouraging examples of the Law of Attraction. Something happens that you don't notice. You might wake up from a frightening dream that you barely remember but which leaves you with an uneasy, unsettled feeling. You may have carried a worry from the day before about something going wrong to contaminate the bright new morning. A lifelong emotional disturbance may have surfaced.

I had a day like that this winter. The night before, I'd worried that the oil company, which was supposed to deliver oil automatically when I needed it (and not after my supply was down to less than a quarter of a tank) wouldn't show up. I was also worried that the contractor I'd hired to do some work on the house would be equally delinquent.

Surprise. I was right, because my worries had attracted the energy of what I didn't want, but, as I sometimes do, I'd forgotten that the universe doesn't know the difference between "want" and "don't want." (It should.) Still forgetting, I felt like a victim and attracted lots of reasons to feel like one.

I must confess that I didn't even think of tapping. The sorry truth was that I was getting a secret pleasure about being in a bad mood (like being a bad kid) and getting angry with everyone unfortunate enough to cross my path.

I came home from a series of frustrating errands, to discover that, while the oil situation had been resolved, the contractor was still AWOL. In a spectacular burst of fury, I decided to fire him, but a cautionary voice told me to wait. At last, the idea of tapping entered my mind.

This is what I said:

Even though _____ has betrayed me by not showing up, and even though this proves he doesn't take his work seriously, and he's irresponsible, and I have no time for irresponsible people, I choose to take a deep breath and think about this. (I was nowhere near even being able to think, "I deeply and completely accept myself.)

Even though I blame _____ (a friend) for recommending him, and I'm angry that she probably knows he's irresponsible, I choose to relax about it and see what he has to say.

And even though I blame myself, because I had doubts about this whole thing in the first place, and I didn't listen to myself, I choose to forgive myself, and start making myself feel better.

______ is irresponsible.
I never should have hired him in the first place.
Why didn't I listen to myself?
I want to fire him.
I don't want anything to do with him.
I want to tell him off.
I want to tell him how upset I am about his behavior.
I want to make him feel as badly as I feel.
I don't want to take any responsibility for this, other than to blame myself.

I'm so angry about this.
Why does this always happen to me with workmen?
Why do I attract the least reliable and responsible people on the planet?
This has to stop.
I insist that this stops, because I can't go through this again.
I have to be lined up for these things to go well.
It's insane what happens.
It happens all the time.

Hawk (my son) was the only reliable person we ever hired.
Maybe we had a few other reliable ones.
Maybe I need to give myself a break.
I'm the only one who can do it.
Maybe I need to cut myself some slack.
I need to be easy with all of this.
I take it too seriously.
I think my standards for workmen are very high,

But my standards for myself are even higher,
And I punish myself severely when I don't meet them.
Time to stop being such a perfectionist.
Stuff happens.
I don't need to throw myself into turmoil
In order to be right.
Maybe this can turn out ok anyway.

Once I'd tapped until my stress and anger levels had descended to zero, I thought about the issue. For twenty-two years, I lived in New York apartments. When there was a problem, I called the super, who had to call in someone to fix things. When I first moved to the country, I rented a house. If there was a problem, I called the landlord, who had to call in someone to fix things.

When I moved to my own house, there was no one to call. The burden-and I experienced it that way-was on me. I had to find the repairmen, I had to pay for it-and the house seemed to chew up money like a hungry barracuda.

With that kind of attitude, according the Law of Attraction, I was bound to attract workmen who would increase my feeling of being burdened. They would show up late or not at all; they would abscond with money; they would do bad work.

Once I'd done some more tapping to release these beliefs lingering from the past, I experienced a sense of calm. Either the contractor would call with a very good excuse, or I would fire him, but I would make the decision from a far more connected place.

As it turned out, the contractor did call. My partner spoke to him, and he reminded her that he'd said he was coming, not that day, but the following day. She'd gotten the days confused.

This discovery provided the tempting diversion of blaming her, but I avoided that bypass. She may have made the mistake, but my conviction that something would go wrong had attracted the situation.

The dining room got a lovely new sliding door. Other repairs proceeded on schedule. Disruption was minimal, and expenses were reasonable.

Home Improvement Tapping is a success.

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