EFT For Emotional Freedom: Breaking the Rules

Rebuilding Your Dreams

My dream was to have a fantasy novel I'd written published, a creative project that had many aspects. At first, the dream seemed to be unfolding very smoothly. I submitted the novel to an independent publishing house, and it was accepted in two weeks. The manuscript passed with equal smoothness through six months of editing and the many other steps that bring a book closer to publication.

In July, though, the process groaned to a frustrating halt for reasons that centered on the serious illness of my editor but which also involved an apparent inability of other staff members to adapt, regroup, and keep the publication process going, not only for my book but also for others. After several months of unkept promises, I decided that I needed to make some decisions about the future of my book and to honestly explore what internal blockages were slowing the process.

I discovered that I was very nervous and uncertain about letting my dream see the light. A vast array of emotions came to the surface and kept me busy tapping. Eventually I cleared away enough debris to feel confident about taking the publishing process into my own hands.

Once I made the decision, it took only 6 weeks for the book to be published, both as an ebook and a printed edition. It's amazing how quickly things can happen when emotional blockages get cleared--and equally amazing how technical expertise, logic, and reason are absolutely ineffective in the face of deeply rooted resistance.

It also made me realize that exploring one's resistance to creative expression and fulfillment is an ongoing process. In my specific situation, the book is published, but the process of finding creative methods to promote it is ongoing, and I am continuing to discover areas of resistance.

We All Have the Ability to Exercise
Our Creative Abilities

Many of my friends are writers or painters who face the issue of creative blocks on a regular basis. From that perspective, I have access to the many ways in which self-doubt can disrupt the creative process. This disruption, however, is far from limited to so-called "creative people."

We are all born with great gifts of creativity, imagination, intuition, and vision. The courage to do something new, something that might attract scorn, disbelief, and dismissal marks the difference between those who express these gifts and those who don't.

How fully we embrace and express our creative gifts can deeply impact how easily we manifest our dreams. When we affirm our creativity and our right to express it, we can, with ease, be inspired with solutions to any life challenge. When our creativity has been stifled through the scorn of parents, teachers, or peers, we feel that we are incapable of solving our problems.

My experiences have given me a deepened perspective on this subject, and I've decided that I want to concentrate on this area in counseling. I will also use this newsletter to share what I've learned-and will continue to learn.


My Book

Before ending this article, I'd like to share with you the results of my creative adventure.

Visit my book web site to read about Big Dragons Don't Cry, the first book of A Dragon's Guide to Destiny.

In Big Dragons Don't Cry, a cunning opportunist and would-be tyrant wants to turn a swamp into valuable real estate. Druid, the large and very depressed water dragon who protects the swamp and its inhabitants, vows to save his friends and his home--although he's sure he'll fail.

You can download the first 4 chapters for free. The excerpt is in PDF, readable in Adobe Acrobat.

Ordering information is here.

In summary:

Big Dragons Don't Cry is now available in the Kindle Bookstore. It's also available as a print edition at Amazon, including Amazon UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan.

The print version is now available.

Big Dragons Don't Cry is also available at:


Kobo Books.

Barnes & Noble online, in a Nook and a print version.

Smashwords. For $6.00, you can get the book in a number of e-book formats here.

Online reading formats include HTML or Javascript, PDF, and RTF.

Plain Text is available either to download or view as a web page.

The book is also available in Epub and Palm Doc formats.

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