EFT Resources: Books, Audio, Video, DVD

We have been actively studying EFT since 1999. In the course of our explorations, we've been able to directly experience the expertise of many EFT practitioners.

The practitioners we feature in this section represent, in our opinions, the best of the best. We hope you will enjoy learning more about what they do.

The Tapping Solution

Though there are many videos on the Internet that teach the basic principles of EFT, "The Tapping Solution" brings these principles to life.

And it's entertaining. No matter how many times I've watched it, each new viewing moves me anew as I watch--and share--the deeply emotional journey of each participant. Whether it's the man who lost his fiancee in a car accident, the woman struggling with cancer, or the Vietnam vet with a series of issues, I find each journey a source of renewed inspiration.

I was also impressed by the comments of experts on the value of EFT. In addition to EFT Masters Carol Look and Patricia Carrington, Ph.D., the film features Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor (all featured in "The Secret"), Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of the Optimal Wellness Center, Dr. Bruce Lipton (cell biologist and best-selling author who was featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know, Anyway?"), Cheryl Richardson, personal coaching pioneer and best-selling author, and others.

See a trailer from the film and learn more about it at Try It On Everything.

Resources from Rick Wilkes

One of the best deals in the world of EFT is Rick's group session work, but don't stop there.

Resources from Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master

Lindsay Kenny is an EFT Master, Life Coach, and Founder of the National Alliance for Emotional Health and Progressive Emotional Release.

Progressive EFT is Lindsay Kenny's advanced version of EFT, consisting of processes, techniques, methods, and systems that help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of traditional EFT. "ProEFT" is specifically intended for use by experienced EFT practitioners, but can be used on virtually anyone, and anyone can benefit from learning about these techniques.

Lindsay publishes a free email newsletter, has created audio series, DVDs, teaches classes, and provides coaching.

You can watch a video of her describing EFT eft master

Visit Lindsay's site for more information. Learn about EFT with downloadable classes and resources from Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master Practitioner

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