Links Guidelines

We have certain general standards for the links on our pages. In general:

  1. We look for as close a match as possible when we link with a site. Please don't propose a link if there's no connection between your site and ours.
  2. In 25 words or less, please describe your business.
  3. State where you would like your link to appear: i.e., what page and what category (if applicable) within that page.
  4. At this time, we exchange text links only. We like our links to be uniform in appearance, meaning black type of a standard size and font.
  5. We also exchange reciprocal links only. Please don't request a link until you have a page for links. That page should be accessible from your home page.
  6. Finally, we don't accept links from ZEUS robot, as we've heard their presence leads to exclusion by search engines.

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