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Affirmations Revisited

Before I begin this article I'd like to note that we have a detailed article on affirmations and programming crystals, You and Your Crystal: Partners in Creation

This article is intended to give you some ideas on how to create and refine your affirmations. The idea for it came to me last New Year's Eve as I began to think about my affirmations for the coming year.

Here is the essence of the methods I use.

1. Free-associate. Let your mind wander and think about your life.

2. Meditate, asking yourself the same questions.

3. Daydream in writing, either by asking yourself the above questions, or by making a list of your complaints.

4. Pay attention to what bothers you for a week or so prior to writing out affirmations.

You now have raw material.

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Composing Your Affirmations

The following checklist will help you to create more powerful affirmations.

1. Don't do negatives. Don't write, "I will no longer be 30 pounds overweight." If you repeat that your mind will focus on "30 pounds overweight" and hold that as the reality. Instead, write, "By (date, year) I weigh [the weight you want.].

2. Don't do future. It may look as if the above affirmation is set in the future, but its wording is in the present tense, not "I will be," but "I am." You are thus treating the future as if it is happening now, which helps to give you the power to create it now.

3. Is It Really You? Check your wording. Is it something you feel comfortable saying aloud? Even to yourself?

4. Is it What You Really Want?

5. Does It Feel Impossible? It shouldn't feel so easy that you think it'll happen next week; on the other, hand, it shouldn't feel so difficult that every time you think of it you feel like a failure. Give yourself something to reach for, but don't reach so far that you end up in traction.

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First There's Saying, Then There's Doing

I used to think that saying an affirmation was enough, and it is true that the simple act of saying or thinking something which isn't part of your usual life has a vibration which can accelerate change. However, though I'm not going so far as to say that actions speak louder than words they do speak loudly, and the universe listens to them.

So, for example, if you have the affirmation, "I appreciate my life," (this was one of mine this year) what do you do to demonstrate and make firm your intention?

I decided that it wasn't enough to say that I appreciated my life. I decided to be consciously appreciative, to pay attention to a sunset or the sight of a deer, to deliberately savor each moment of joy and beauty, and to count my blessings. I felt that a daily regimen of gratitude would do no harm at all.

If you have an affirmation to change some specific part of your life it can be a very good idea to draw up a plan for the steps you will take to realize this change. If for example, you want a new career you will want to:

1. Decide what that career will be,

2. Have a conversation (often more than one) with the little voices which give you all the reasons why it's impossible,

3. Handle those little devils (steps 2 and 3 can occur more than once; you may find that as you accelerate your impetus to change that they have more and more to say to you)

4. Research the career: learn as much as you can about it; speak to people in the profession,

5. Figure out what needs to happen to make this possible. Do you need money, child care?

6. Figure out how to make it happen.

7. Make up a timetable. Commit to doing at least one thing a day.

If you are now thinking about everything you want to change, and deciding that it's impossible to do them all, take heart. The nice thing about you as a spiritual/human being is that you're interactive. The minute you begin to make significant changes in one aspect of your life you find that other aspects begin to spontaneously change as well.

I do not recommend that you simultaneous begin a career change, decide to look for a new relationship, and begin a major diet - but if you feel that this is your path, I don't think you should pay any attention to my non-recommendation.

Once you are in motion in your life, and buzzing with the energy of change you may be surprised to discover how attractive you are to other people, and you may feel so fulfilled by the positive action you're taking that food subsides in importance.

Also, if you're looking at your list of affirmations and saying, "No way," you can look them as a consecutive series of projects. When one is handled to your satisfaction go on to the next.

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Roadside Stops

1. Review your goals often. Do you still want to be a marine biologist? Maybe you'd rather be a veterinarian or produce marine documentaries.

2. Ask yourself if the methods you've chosen to achieve your goals are working. If they're not try new methods.

3. Are you having fun? If you're not enjoying the journey find ways to do so.

4. Reward yourself for the achievement of subgoals within your goal.

Give Yourself a Break

Be committed to your goals. Be dedicated to them. Do whatever you need to do in order to achieve them - but do not beat yourself up if you don't - or don't entirely - achieve them.

You're still a wonderful person, an expression of spirit in flesh. Appreciate yourself exactly as you are right now. If you make that the number-one affirmation on your list you may find that all of the other ones will be that much easier to achieve.

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The crystals you choose to program for your goals can be related to these goals.

For goals having to do with material abundance I recommend citrine and green tourmaline.

Goals relating to love can be energized with rose quartz.

If you want to release negative consider moldavite and kyanite.

Goals relating to physical health can generally be enhanced with aventurine.

If your goal is to deepen your spiritual growth amethyst is a very helpful crystal.

If you would like an expanded sense of who you really are consider clear quartz.

This month's issue of Living with Crystal will describe the above crystals and their uses in greater detail.

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Flower Essences

Here I have chosen those flower essences which will help you to fulfill your goals.

Larch (Bach) is the flower essence for deepening a sense of self-esteem.

Mimulus (Bach) helps to release any known fear. In this situation you could use it for the fear of failure.

Sagebrush (FES), is the internal cleaning flower essence, and helps to release anything which is not part of your highest nature.

If you have a tendency to be impatient about how fast your goals are being realized, the ideal flower remedy is Impatiens (Bach).

For courage on your journey forward choose Mountain Pride (FES).

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