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A Gratitude Experiment...
By Carol Look, EFT Master

Reprinted with permission -- copyright May 17, 2010 from Carol Look, EFT Master, creator of

Editor's Note: Carol is an EFT Master and an expert in blending law of attraction principles with EFT. You do NOT need to know EFT to benefit from this article.

What if we assumed that everything
the Universe sent to us was "good" for us...
even if we didn't see it that way at first?

That would mean that everything that happened during our day was something positive, even if we had a negative reaction or interpreted it as "bad" initially. This new assumption would certainly change our energy quickly, wouldn't it?

Many people routinely expect bad things to happen, and when their beliefs are fulfilled, their reaction is "Well, that's typical for my life..." or "I knew it wasn't going to work out..." or "Same old...same old..."

So if we started with the assumption that absolutely everything that showed up in our lives was potentially positive and offered a special opportunity, then we'd be expressing our gratitude by saying "Thank you, Universe" all day long... hmmm... I wonder what that would do to our vibration if we were saying "thank you" that often.

I guess we won't know until we conduct an "experiment." Here is what I am proposing: (I'm not saying it will be easy, I am just extending an invitation...)

Set your intention for the next 24 hours (start whenever is best for you) to interpret every experience, person, phone call, email, social or business interaction that comes into your life as something potentially wonderful, something that has hidden magic, as something that is a beautiful gift even if it shows up in lousy wrapping paper. And several times an hour, after each short time period in your day or after each interaction, say "Thank you, Universe for bringing that into my life... I'm so excited and looking forward to understanding why it is so positive for me."

OK, I can hear the "Yes, but" reactions right now!!! Did you have any of these following reactions?

This is so corny.
This doesn't feel "normal."
But bad things always happen every day - they're just bad, why would I be grateful for them?
I don't feel grateful on a good day, so why bother?
I'm sure this won't work for me.
I don't get the point anyway!

That's fine if you have any of these reactions, and you don't even need to accept my invitation to try this new experiment. That's up to you -- try it or not.

But I want you to understand why I am proposing the experiment before you decide whether it is for you or not. What's the "point" of this experiment? Ultimately, to raise your vibration which will help get you on the fast track to attracting abundance. Here are several essential points to this experiment:

(1) To shake up the old energy patterns you've been running.
(2) To deliberately move your expectations from pessimistic to optimistic.
(3) To raise your vibration.
(4) To consciously be in contact with the habit of thanking others.
(5) To consider the possibility that everything that shows up IS good, even when it doesn't seem that way at first.
(6) To communicate to the Universe that you are interested in things that delight you and that you want more of them.

One of my favorite expressions that has helped me slow down my initial impulsive and negative reactions to situations that don't feel good is:

More will be revealed...

And I have come to believe and experience that there is always more to be revealed in any situation. Here are some suggestions of how you might ease yourself into saying "thank you" to the Universe even if you don't really feel like conducting this "experiment."

Hmmm, something that looks and feels lousy just happened, but it's possible that I don't know all the energy around it... so I guess it's possible it might turn out to be a good thing after all. Thank you, Universe.

That's fascinating; yet another annoying person just crossed my path... I wonder if there's a good reason and I just can't see it yet. I'm willing to withhold my judgment and my reaction until I get more information. Thank you, Universe.

Interesting... that project didn't go as I thought it would, and now I'm feeling irritated and disappointed. I wonder how I can turn this around. Maybe I can tap first, and then thank the Universe for sending me something that I trust will turn out well in the end. Thank you, Universe.

When you express genuine appreciation
for what's in your life, you will notice
dramatic new levels of energetic
support from the Universe.

So what might get in the way of your not being able to thank the Universe for everything that comes into your life?

(1) You have bad habits of expecting things to go wrong.
(2) You are a perpetual cynic.
(3) You prefer to expect the worst from people and from life.
(4) You feel safer when you are down... this way you can't get surprised.

So even if you have some "good reasons" not to try this experiment, you might want to try it just for fun... or just to see if it changes your vibration... or in case it does work to raise your vibration quickly... or just because it's super simple.

Thank you Universe for everything you sent me today,
I know that more will be revealed about those
challenges I don't understand yet...

So no matter how "good" or "bad" something seems to you today (and this week) make the assumption that it is good, that it will yield wonderful results, that it may look bad now, but you will soon be able to see its purpose and place in your life.

You will raise your vibration as soon
as you decide to focus on basic
appreciation to the Universe
for everything that happens
in your life.

As you've heard from me and other Law of Attraction teachers before --it's all energy! Moving from one genuine statement of thanks to the next will invite the Universe to help you create more abundance today.

Remember, the Law of Attraction sends you situations that have the same energy of the vibration you are putting out... so keep thanking the Universe and emit that vibration of gratitude.

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