Three Angels

The Relationships Between Angels, Elementals, and Humankind
by Iasos

Iasos (pronounced ya' sos), is one of the pioneers of what is now called "New Age Music."

In 1967 he began spontaneously "hearing" a new type of music in his mind, which he then referred to as "paradise music," and decided to dedicate his life to manifesting this "heavenly music" he was experiencing internally, since he was convinced it would have an uplifting, healing, spiritually-invigorating and harmonizing effect on many potential listeners.

In 1982 Iasos, spearheaded what has now come to be called "New Age videos" with his release of one of the very first new age videos - "Crystal Vista" - created as visualizations to his own music.

In 1989 the Psychology Department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire informed Iasos that they had been doing the main research on people that have had a "near death experience". In correlating their experiences, it turned out that Iasos' music received the highest rating, by quite a margin, as being most like the heavenly music they heard while officially "dead" or out of their body!

In February of 1990 Iasos was honored with the "CRYSTAL AWARD" for "artist" at the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE , held in Hollywood. This "CRYSTAL AWARD" is given in recognition of outstanding achievements over many years within the field of "new age music".

Since 1968 Iasos has remained focused and dedicated to his original intention - composing and recording his music, giving seminars, and doing multi-media concerts around the world. His music has been used by NASA, Lazaris, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, LASERIUM, and HEWLETT PACKARD, as well as by numerous hospitals, health clinics, therapists, mental health clinics, and surgeons throughout the world. Music by Iasos is currently being distributed in North America, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. Iasos' international multi-media concerts have taken him from Cairo to Honolulu, and from Los Angeles to Toronto.

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When the sun-god and sun-goddess of our solar system, Helios & Vesta, were creating this system (their family), they designed it as a platform for evolution for three distinct kingdoms: the Human Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, and the Elemental Kingdom. These three kingdoms were designed to have complementary inter-locking roles or functions, within a synergistic whole. None of them are any "higher" or "more evolved" than any other, since in each kingdom there is unlimited room for further expansions into Light and Consciousness.

The Human Kingdom

The beings in the Human Kingdom were created as [ancient Egyptian Iasos] step-down transformers for Divine thought-forms, to remanifest the heavens of the higher spiritual planes onto the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic sun-gods and sun-goddesses in training, and the earth is our incubator. Humans work with thought and feeling: We receive an idea from the higher planes, and then work with it and refine and develop that idea, on the level of thought. Then we energize these thought-forms with our feelings. Humans work towards mastering many fields of life, rather than specializing in just one capacity, becoming then "generalists" rather than specialists. Free will is much more emphasized in the human kingdom than either of the other two kingdoms.

The Elemental Kingdom

The beings in the Elemental Kingdom work primarily on the mental plane and are known as "builders of form." Their specialty is to translate thought-forms into physical forms, by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns.

All the beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Elemental Kingdom. Everyone of them is a specialist in creating some specific form - whether it be an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tomato, a tree, the body of an inhabiting human, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. You see they come in all sizes - from smaller than an electron, to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their energy fields get larger.

The elementals serving on planet earth have all sworn to out-picture humanity's thoughts and feelings. They are under obligation to "materialize" whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of "heaven on earth", but as humanity's thoughts and feelings fell into general imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to outpicture this mass imperfection - resulting in all the nature extremes of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere.

In fact there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmospheres, doing their best to purify the atmosphere from all the accumulating distorted energies from the mass thoughts and feelings of mankind. If they were to go on strike, the earth would become biologically uninhabitable within 48 hours! Fortunately, the humans are now beginning to re-harmonize their radiations in a continously increasing way.

For each human soul that chose to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there was one elemental being that "volunteered" to make that journey with them - to create and maintain a physical body for them - for as many lifetimes as it took - until they made their "ascension" and graduated from the physical-dimension school room! What committment! What dedication and loyalty! You have the same "body elemental" for each of your lifetimes, and he or she gets to "vacation" in between your incarnations.

Those humans that have established a good rapport with their body elemental, whether conscious or unconscious, are those that are blessed with effortless good health. If you get to know your body elemental, and send him or her GRATITUDE, LOVE, and APPRECIATION - for centuries of dedicated service to you, you may be surprised how suddenly the state of your body "perks up" to a higher level of life-force and effortless good health.

The elemental beings are divided into The 4 Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We know the earth beings as elves, gnomes, and menehune. The beings of air are known as fairies and sylphs. Those of water are called undines or mermaids. And the least known, the beings of fire, are known as salamanders (not related to the lizard, which is also called a salamander) . You can befriend these beings even if you can not see them, and then they will be over-joyed to co-create with you, and even play with you, as is so magnificently exampled in Findhorn and Perelandra. If you want to get more in touch with the fairies in your backyard or area, take flower essences on a daily basis. This puts their frequencies into your energy-system, so that by having the same frequencies in common, it becomes much easier to sense them, see them, and communicate with them.

The Angelic Kingdom

The beings of the Angelic Kingdom have the function of administering to the spiritual needs and the emotional needs of both the Human Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. They "take care" of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane. Just as an electric heater radiates heat waves, angels radiate unique beneficial energies, with many different wonderful effects. Each type of angel is a specialist in radiating one particular "quality" or "virtue", which typically has its own unique color, sound, fragrance, and flame.

The angels that work with Archangel Michael specialize in Faith and Protection.. The angels that work with Archangel Zadkiel focus on The Violet Flame of Transmutation. The angels that work with Archangel Raphael specialize in Healing and Consecration. Those with Chamuel focus on Divine Love and The Adoration Flame. The angels under Jophiel specialize in Illumination and Enlightened Understanding. And of course there are innumerable other qualities that angels specialize in - Divine Will, Happiness, Hope, Purity, Opulence, Stillness, Comfort, Ceremony, Divine Power, Peace, Science, Beauty, Ministration, Music .... the list just keeps going .......!

Angels are like rechargeable batteries. Just by hanging out within the aura of their "leader", their auras "soak up" and absorb that quality for which their leader has become an expert. This master angel is like a fountain, producing a continuous stream of this particular quality, and consequently his or her force field is a powerful reservoir of this quality. For example, the angels working with Archangel Uriel absorb by proximity his special quality of Peace, and then, like a rechargeable battery, when they become totally "full" with this quality, they get sent out somewhere to administer and radiate out this quality. They radiate their quality primarily through their feelings. Once they reach "empty", they return to their leader and once again "fill up" with that quality, to once again be sent out.

As angels evolve, they become continously improving experts at holding more and more of this specialized quality, and holding it for a longer time, and holding it without contamination from adverse external conditions (usually generated by humans). As they continue to specialize in this quality, with time they too become a fountain-head of this quality, to which many lesser angels come to drink in and absorb this essence.

Their role is to radiate the aura of God to humans and elementals, to help them and comfort them on their path, and to remind them of their celestial source and heritage. In doing their service to life of radiating energies, angels are typically experts at creating multi-angel force-fields, using sacred geometry and symmetric patterns to create forcefields much more powerful and effective than if they worked independently. Like a good football team, they know just the "play" to implement, to optimally nourish and nurture each situation.

Angels also function as an inter-dimensional UPS service, carrying energies both up and down between dimensions. In the "up" direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and then deliver them up to the appropriate beings on the higher subtler planes. In the "down" direction, when these celestial Light Beings choose to send particular beneficial energies to particular places on the planet, it is the angels that deliver these celestial energies to their earthly destinations.

There are of course, also personal angels, or guardian angels,*focusing on the spiritual and emotional well-being of one particular human. Every human has at least one of them. Many light workers have a number of them. If you want your personal angels to work even more closely with you, you can first of all, acknowledge them and thank them from your Heart, for their undying (and usually unappreciated) service to you. Then you can do your best to make your personal aura as sweet, harmonious, and loving as you can.

Remember - the sweeter your energies, the closer your angels will want to "hang-out" in your aura. Angels just LOVE environments that are harmonious, sweet, and peaceful. It gives them a momentary sanctuary amidst the imperfections on earth that are continously being generated by humanity-at-large. Angels can grow weary from this, and so they just flock to a sweet-pure-energy-zone. Just like a humming-bird feeder attracts humming-birds, a beautiful backyard, with flowers, streams, LOVE, and sweet peaceful energies, will attract angels from all around, as they come to bask in your angelic oasis on the physical dimension.

By the way, if you want your personal angels to work extra hard for you, you can bribe them! How? With their form of currency, of course! No, it's not dollars, it's not credit cards, but it is something that is as valuable to them as hundred dollar bills is to us - LOVE! Love is their form of currency. They value it, they cherish is, they even evolve through receiving more of it! So whereas your personal angels may have already done an exquisite job of serving you, without receiving one drop of Love or Gratitude from you, if you turn up the throttle and flood them with your love and appreciation, then just hang on for the heavenly acceleration you are about to receive! Elementals can perceive angels and so always send them love and gratitude. But angels are not used to receiving very much appreciation from humans - so far!

There is the universal law that Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. To a great extent this leaves many angels with their "hands tied", with respect to helping humans. They live but to serve. They love to serve. They evolve by serving. It makes them happy to serve. But you have to invoke them. That means, you have to invite and request their assistance. The instant you do, you've created an inter-dimensional doorway through which they can pour in and literally flood you with their endless divine qualities.

As a matter of fact, from their point of view, humans are not really that good at receiving. Even the humans that consciously request and absorb these healing qualities from the angels, are really only letting in just a tiny fraction of the benefits they really could absorb. Like letting in a tiny brook, when you could really let in a Niagara Falls of "manna from heaven". So remember - the angels are always encouraging you: EXPAND how much you can receive and absorb beneficial radiations from us! Just know that they will always be there - eager and enthusiastic to give you as much as you can handle!

Why not test them right now, while you read this? Think of some divine quality that you really need or would like more of. Then silently in the depths of your Heart, request and invite the appropriate angels to administer this quality to you. You can even make your request more specific: Ask for a "heart-beam" - with one angel in front of you facing you, and another angel behind you, also facing you. Sense them create a pillar of Light connecting their Hearts, with this Light Beam passing directly through your Heart! Feel this for just a few moments....... then you have a sense of the magical assistance that is always lovingly available to you - just a thought away.

When angels "appear" to humans, so as not to scare them, they usually appear in the form that those humans "expect" angels to look like. But this may be nothing at all like the form they normally take (if any!) Remember - the higher you go in dimensions, the more "optional" form becomes.

And of course, angels are famous for their angelic choirs. It is not uncommon to have 50,000 angels singing in exquisite unison. Why do angels have such beautiful voices? Simple - because they have beautiful feelings. When you pick up the phone, you can immediately tell how the other person is feeling from their tone of voice. The tone of the voice always has encoded within it the emotional state of that person in that instant. This is true of humans, elementals, and of course angels. If you wish to have a more beautiful voice, rather than taking voice lessons - get to the source, the cause - just focus on cultivating more beautiful feelings! When angels greet each other, it is a triumphant and ecstatic symphony of gorgeous colors, music, fragrances, and feelings.

Angels want to serve you! They also want to play with you! They even want to worship with you! All three kingdoms are streams of Life emanating from the same one Universal Source, and in this respect we truly all are brothers and sisters. Saint Germain wishes very much to re-establish this conscious cooperation between these three kingdoms, as in previous golden ages. So in this next few years, we can look forward to sacred ceremonies, blending the energies of the humans, the elementals, and the angels - all worshipping in loving unison the one Eternal Source of All Life.

Love, Iasos

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