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Our free monthly free email newsletter began publication in 1996. In it we discuss issues related to personal/spiritual growth: discovering and dissolving beliefs which limit our view of ourselves and our world, handling emotions we think of as "unspiritual," becoming more creative in all aspects of our lives.

Past issues have discussed how a sense of purpose can improve your health, talking back to the inner critic, how to release anger without fireworks, what worry and prayer have in common, and more.

Crystals and flower essences appropriate to the theme of each newsletter are described.

I will soon again have a regular newsletter. Stay tuned.

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Hello, I just wanted to say, and not for the first time, how inspirational your newsletters are. I alsways look forward to them, and often cut and paste bits of them into easily accessible documents so that I can reread specific bits of information and wisdom.

Some of the 'confidence quotes' struck a helpful chord for me this morning.


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