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Plumbing the Soul

In physical plumbing sometimes the pipes get backed up or clogged, or, to use a more general term, blocked. When that happens, water doesn't move, and -- depending on your skill level --you either call the plumber or fix it yourself.

You don't:

  1. Pretend the blockage isn't there and wonder why water is spilling out onto the floor.
  2. Keep on running water through it, hoping that it will somehow force the blockage through.
  3. Believe that this blockage will probably never be fixed.
  4. Defend the blockage.

However, when our human energy systems become blocked, we may do any of the above.

No Plumber to Call

When we are in a state that allows feeling good, spiritual/creative energy flows through our vibrational plumbing as freely as the water that gets piped into our homes. More often, we find countless ways to slow down or block this energy.

In addition to blocking energy through various emotional states, we can get our minds involved in suppressing the flow.

We may pretend the blockage isn't there and wonder why our lives aren't flowing.

Maria can't identify her relationship problems. She gets plenty of first dates, but never a second one. When she calls one of these guys, he's always about to be transferred to Alaska. She doesn't understand what's wrong, but she's read several times that men have commitment problems. It's their fault. It has nothing to do with her.

This line of thinking is other-directed, in that the individual believe that the problem lies out there, somewhere. The first stage of clearing up this issue involves considering the possibility that, no matter how much it appears that other people are causing the problem, you have at least the power to change how you feel about it.

With that in mind, Maria can take a look at the emotions and beliefs connected to the idea of a relationship. She can ask herself why she wants to be in one.

If she writes, "I know lots of people whose relationships make them happy," she can learn more about her emotions if she turns this around, i.e., "I know lots of people whose relationships make them unhappy." Maria may pause over this, because she does. She may wonder if she suspects that a relationship is as likely to make her unhappy as happy.

The problem is no longer "out there," and she's beginning to see that men may not be the only humans with commitment problems. In recognizing that she has emotional and mental blockages, she is already allowing her energy to flow in a more positive way.

We may try to force things to happen, giving a lot of effort to accomplish our goals.

Joe is in love with someone of an "inappropriate" race/gender/religion. His family will never speak to him again if he pursues this relationship. He breaks it off and feels depressed, lonely, and guilty that he didn't follow his heart. He doesn't think he'll ever meet anyone he'll love as much.

Tired of being miserable, he decides to get active. He goes to bars and clubs, checks out the online dating services, and has a lot of dates. He can't get excited about anyone, though, and he becomes more convinced than ever that things are hopeless.

This happens because action is no substitute for doing the inner work that exposes and dissolves blockages. Joe needs to forgive himself. Okay, he let his parents' prejudices guide him instead of his heart. That doesn't mean he has to continue punishing himself for his mistake. If he decides he's a decent human being who deserves another chance at love, love will come his way.

Do the inner work. It doesn't hurt as much as not doing it does, and as you dig out the garbage, you'll feel like a new person.

Sometimes we believe that this blockage will never get fixed.

Caroline half-heartedly accepts the idea that she's responsible for every relationship she's ever been in fading after three months. She recognizes that she gets possessive and wants a major lifelong commitment, complete with ring. She has tried to change her behavior, but her attempts to be casual and appreciate the moment fool neither her nor her current boyfriend. She thinks it's some vibration that's hard-wired into her. If she had to name it, she'd call it "self-sabotage."

This blockage is tough, because Caroline can dig up all sorts of evidence to confirm her belief that it's unchangeable. As people trained to be logical, we love to accumulate facts and figures to support our claim. Because something has always/never happened, we can logically assume that it always/never will.

If we take a closer look at Caroline's dilemma, though, we see that she's tried to change her behavior. This puts her in a class with Joe, who tried aggressive dating to cure his own problem. Like Joe, Caroline needs to look within. However, this has its pitfalls, as we'll see below.

We can defend the blockage.

Caroline says, "Okay, I'll look within (although I'm sure I won't like what I see)." And she doesn't. She discovers the belief that she needs to get married. All her friends and both her sisters are married. People look at her strangely when she says she's still single. Her self-esteem is falling faster than snow in Minnesota. Nothing else can make her feel good.

This is like saying that if only you could get one particular plumber, your problems would be over. Since that professional isn't available, happiness is out of bounds.

Justifying why something doesn't happen is very effective in preventing it from happening. When we affirm what is (whether we like what is or not), we give energy to the problem, which helps it to grow. This makes it even hard to see what could be.

The belief, "This is who I am," has an even more powerful effect in preserving the blockage. Even if we don't like who we are, that's who we know. Sometimes one's identity is the blockage. If Caroline is someone who can only be fulfilled through marriage, all other roads close. In defending her identity, she is both defending and perpetuating the blockage.

Her answer is to believe that she can be more than she thinks she is.

Plumber's Helpers

In general, crystals and essences, because of their high vibrational energy, can be helpful in releasing blockages. The idea is to match them to your particular blockage. Below are some examples.

If you're feeling brave or desperate, use black obsidian. This crystal will reveal the truth clearly and perhaps painfully. If you like dramatic discoveries, you will love this stone. If you'd like a smoother ride, but do want to dig out some deeply hidden truths, soften obsidian's effects with clear or rose quartz or aventurine.

The FES essence, Black-eyed Susan, has similar properties. It's especially helpful if you get stuck.

When you believe that the problem is "out there," you may be involved in repeating mistaken thinking. For example, every time a relationship ends, you may be telling yourself, "Men have a commitment issue." The Bach Flower Remedy, Chestnut Bud, can be helpful.

The calcites, while they don't help to correct mistaken thinking, can help to take you to a different perspective, one from which you can observe your behavior with a more objective attitude.

If you are trying to push through the blockage, it may be important to notice how you do it. Are you blasting it out with anger? Holly (Bach) and rose quartz can help to soften your emotions. Are you pushing through, even though discouraged? Gorse (Bach) and smoky quartz can be useful.

If you're stuck in resignation, Wild Rose (Bach) can get your energy moving again. Smoky quartz can also be helpful.

If you're defending the blockage, Larch (Bach), by helping you elevate your self-esteem, can help you to take the risk of finding new ways to look at yourself. Citrine is an excellent companion crystal.

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