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Turning Points

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Are any of the following true for you?

  1. I find that I lack energy.
  2. I've become very restless lately.
  3. I feel frustrated and irritable, and I don't know why.
  4. I am bored with my job.
  5. I am bored with my primary relationship.
  6. I am bored with life.
  7. If something doesn't change in my life I'm going to scream.
  8. When I think of taking on something new I find that I can't summon up the enthusiasm to do anything about my idea.
  9. I feel confused about the appropriate direction for my life.
  10. Several new opportunities have come into my life, and I have trouble choosing between them.

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Why We Are Here (A Humble Proposal)

If you answer "yes" to any of the above it is very possible that you are, without consciously realizing it, at a turning point in your life.

Some of the turning points we experience in life seem foreordained. These include: choosing a college, deciding on a career, choosing a spouse or partner, deciding whether or not to have children. These are traditional passages in human life.

These passages, however, are part of a larger plan, one which we often follow unconsciously, or sometimes not all. This plan is the soul's purpose for being in physical form on this planet in the first place.

I believe (on my good days) that we are here to experience the miraculous interaction of spirit and flesh, to enjoy what our souls create through the medium of physical existence, to use the immense creativity available when our souls infuse our bodies for our own benefit and for the benefit of all of life.

To me this means experiencing one's full potential, being all that you can be, enjoying and celebrating the experience of physical existence. It means making choices, taking risks, and sometimes living life a little dangerously. The alternatives are boredom, lack of energy, frustration, irritability, and confusion.

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The Energy of Change

The above feelings are symptoms of energy blockage. Your soul creates opportunities for the accomplishment of its intention to express itself fully through your physical body. It doesn't know about fear, hesitation, or doubt. It doesn't concern itself with security, safety, or the possibility of failure.

Our souls are constantly flooding us with creative energy. We, however, through our limiting beliefs and emotional resistance can block this energy. What begins as a pure and powerful spiritual force can, when we resist it, dissipate into annoying sensations (tiredness, irritability, restlessness), boredom, or confusion ("I'm getting a message, but it isn't very clear." "I know I need to make a change, but I don't know how.")

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How We Got Blocked

If your religious upbringing was anything like mine no one probably told you that you came into life for a powerful purpose involving the harmony of your soul and your body. You may have been told some negative things about the body. You may have learned that your purpose was to follow a great many rules, to be obedient, dutiful, and meek.

Such messages have an energy which shields us (though imperfectly) against the urgings of the soul. They are reinforced by nonreligious education, both formal and informal, which teaches us to mistrust impulse, intuition, or doing anything which would violate a secure life.

Thus, we tune out, and wonder why we live lives which are less than fully satisfying.


At the end of this article I list a number of crystals and essences which can help to unblock energy. For them to be fully effective, though, it is helpful to cultivate a receptive attitude to the soul's promptings. There are a number of ways to do this.

Notice "Coincidences"

For example, you happen to think of someone you knew years ago. A few days later that person calls you.

Such "coincidences" may not have a profound impact on your life, but paying attention to them may. The more conscious you are of them the more you may begin to see a pattern in your life and begin to decode the messages from your soul.

Pay Attention to Things Which Make No Sense

Suppose that on an email list you see a reference to something called "Reiki." You don't know what it is or how to pronounce it, but for reasons which make no sense to you you are interested. You then browse through your local newspaper and see an ad for Reiki. Next a friend tells you (s)he just learned Reiki, and she's very excited about it.

This isn't a hypothetical example. It's how many of our students have come to us. They've said things such as "I don't know what this is, but it just feels right" or "I know it's time for this."

When you begin to listen to such messages you are beginning to free yourself from the dominance of the logical, reasonable part of your brain, the part which refers to hard evidence, rules, and limiting beliefs. You are opening yourself up to the creative energy of intuition.


Messages from the soul have a much better chance of getting through when you consciously allow yourself to be receptive to them. This is the role of meditation.

It doesn't have to be practiced in a traditional lying-down or sitting-up position. Meditation can be walking in the woods, sitting by a bed of flowers, petting your cat, watching a sunset. The intention is to release your mind from its usual bondage to routine thoughts and worries.

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Tuning In

As you become more attuned to soul energy you will find messages coming through more clearly. You will recognize conditions such as nervousness or exhaustion as symptoms of a call for change.You will be able to look at your life and know in which area change will be beneficial.

You may begin with small changes: walking to work instead of taking public transportation, using your lunch hour to read a metaphysical book, taking a yoga or meditation class, joining a gym. Any of these changes can release blocked energy, thus allowing for a further opening of the channel between self and soul.

As your access to soul becomes greater you will find yourself increasingly filled with the soul's fearless attitude. You will have more freedom to contemplate greater change. You will become adventurous.

We Are All Coming Home

It is especially helpful to remember that for us to be in harmony with our souls is a natural condition. It is how we are meant to be. We can also remind ourselves the the power of the soul is greater than any power we can generate from our thoughts and emotions.

As we learn to abandon our resistance to that power we realize what hard work it was to resist it. We find that life, which was once draining, chaotic, boring, and frustrating, takes on a new flavor. We begin to look forward to getting up in the morning and beginning the day's adventures. We experience heightened gratitude, appreciation, and love. After being lost for so long we find ourselves home at last.

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Crystal Connections

Clear quartz is the foremost crystal for opening the connection between self and soul. Often called "the mirror of the soul," it can, if we meditate with it regularly, helps us to see who we really are.

Amethyst, one of the most popular and valuable crystals for meditation, helps us to make the transition between left-brain, logical consciousness and the less-defined realms of intuition.

Azurite is very valuable for bringing to the surface beliefs which keeps us from experiencing deeper truths. These could include beliefs we have about why it's dangerous to trust our intuition.

Sodalite and Moss Agate are both crystals which can help us balance the right and left sides of the brain. This is very helpful in blending logic and intuition.

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The Flowering of Intuition

Walnut (Bach) is probably the most valuable essence for making the transition between logical and intuitive awareness. I often think of this essence as providing a bridge between different aspects of reality. It is also helpful for making major changes in physical life.

Rock Water (Bach) helps to address the rigidity and resistance we often feel about opening up emotionally or spiritually.

Purple Monkeyflower (FES) is particularly helpful for those who have been brought up with repressive and/or rigid religious beliefs, and who feel fearful about letting go of them.

Butterfly, Frog, and Salamander are three animals who in their lifetimes assume entirely different forms, and the Wild Earth Animal Essences which embody their essential energies can be very helpful for us.

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