Questions We Don't Answer

We don't recommend crystals, essences, or anything else for physical conditions. To do so is illegal, according to the laws of the U.S. Please consult a qualified practitioner for information about physical health.

As far as emotional or mental health and well-being are concerned, a question such as, "I have this problem; what crystals or flower essences do I need?" will receive a brief answer from us.

The only way we can fully answer such questions is through a consultation, as many factors may be involved. See information about consultations.


We can't accurately answer questions about what the appearance of your crystal means. Appearance often reflects the inner, deeper qualities of your crystal, and we can't define or explain that on the basis of your description. In addition, how a crystal appears to you is often based on your unique relationship with it.

If you want to know more about your crystal, we suggest that you sit and meditate with it, while gazing at it. See our index of articles about meditation and other subjects related to crystals.

If you want to work with a crystal for a certain goal, please see an article about programming.

We don't know how long it takes a crystal to work. Every person is unique, and only you can know how much stands between you and your goal. What we can say is that paying attention to what you want and making conscious efforts to shift your thoughts into a positive mode will accelerate your progress.

For explanations about the particular meanings of kinds of crystals, please see the following web pages:

an illustrated set of brief descriptions of individual crystals' properties. Each brief explanation links to an article about a given stone.

You can also read the above in text format

(Please note: Sometimes, when we get new stones, we don't add their names right away to the shorter lists. However, you can almost always find an article by going to the crystals articles index.


Brief descriptions about essences can be found at the following web pages:

Bach Flower Remedies

Flower Essence Society
Alphabetical Listing
By Category

Wild Earth Animal Essences

The above will link you to pages with more information. Each brief description links to an article.

If you have many, detailed questions, we recommend that you have a consultation. See Consultation information

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